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GeneCards Comments From Users

  1. professor from Germany: Excellent database. My favorite for research, teaching, and diagnostics. An outstanding tool, like a legendary Swiss army knife
  2. researcher from Scotland: Great resource, my first port of call when I come across a gene I know nothing about (which is quite often)
  3. researcher from California: I'd like to acknowledge that GeneALaCart is a wonderful resource for the community
  4. researcher from Idaho: We use this database often to investigate our microarray results. It is absolutely wonderful!
  5. hish school student: i love the wide variety of results given for this particular gene abnormality. I never knew there were so many different types of colorblindness. I thought there was only total color blindness, but some types only affect 1 or 2 cone receptors. Thanks for being so resourceful.
  6. postdoc from Belgium: This is a very useful tool when you are interested in a specific gene because you can find, in a single page, informations about siRNA or antibody availability. Thanks a lot.
  7. MD from Brazil: I am a public medical geneticist. I thank you for your site about gene diseases. It is very important for us, especialy in a development country like Brazil where the access to new tecnology and research is rare.
  8. cell biologist from the UK: An admirable website with many useful resources!
  9. MD from the UK: A fascinating variety of freely available detailed information about individual genes, the proteins that they encode and links to specific data in many other databases...
  10. family nurse practitioner from Ohio: Wonderful resource!
  11. medical scientist: Handy website that gives concise information.
  12. undergraduate student: My molecular and structural paper assignments all seem so daunting until I found your website! Thanks!
  13. researcher from a medical school in NY: Thank you for providing an excellent time-saving service. The researchers, and certainly myself, applaud your efforts
  14. student from Canada: Just wanted to say thank you! This website is simply marvelous!
  15. graduate assistant from Minnesota: I really appreciate the section that lists all of the relevant journal artices for ... I have found it quite useful for locating a wide range of papers that will be used for my research. Thanks!
  16. researcher from center in the UK: Love the site, use it frequently
  17. undergraduate from NY: This is an excellent site and it helped me with my homework. It provides a lot of useful information for the study of bioinformatics.
  18. PHD student from Geneva: i'm checking the function of proteins from a siRNA screening and that will let me save a lot of time.
  19. researcher from California: I would like to increase my use of GeneAlaCart. I really enjoy using your tool.
  20. professor from Boston: Love it! The students in my molecular biology class need to learn to use it for their assignments.
  21. researcher from Utah: I like that so much data about one gene can be found in one place. i like the search feature.
  22. professor from Missouri: I am a professor of Animal Science. I was very glad to find your genealacart tool. It is EXACTLY what I have been looking for.
  23. student from India: it makes my phd work very effective
  24. researcher from children's research hospital in Tennessee: Thanks for taking the time to explain how the system works. Also, thanks for GeneCards. It is an extremely useful site!
  25. professor from Germany: I never want to miss this excellent dataset
  26. MD PHD from Texas: Thanks for putting together GeneCards, it is the most complete and up-to-date source of annotation that I have found.
  27. somebody from hospital in NY: I like the database very much and it is very useful to get a quick idea of the function, other names and localization of a protein. Great Job!
  28. researcher from UK: Haven't worked my way through everything on your site, but what I have seen is great.
  29. graduate student from India: Respected sir, currently I am doing my M.Sc bioinformatics...I got some rare information about... it is useful for my PG project. Thanking you sir
  30. student from Israel: Metzuyan!!!!!
  31. researcher form institute in Wisconsin: : GeneCards is the first site i go to in order to orient my understanding of a new gene, and especially to identify its know aliases
  32. researcher from Singapore: Hey keep up the good work! You guys are my number one choice!
  33. researcher from South Africa: Difficult to choose a "Favorite" - I use many of the GeneCards functions!
  34. researcher from a pharmeceutical company: GeneCards pulls together the most complete picture of proteins and enzymes in a well-linked and usable format of any of the available databases.
  35. cancer research institute in UK: fantastic web to introduce myself to new targets, genes and have a good overview of reagents availability, potential as a subject of study.
  36. professor of structural biology in Israel: I have had GeneCards open in front of me continuously for 2 days (and nights) as I go through our very first microarray data and try to figure out which end is up. It is so useful!
  37. bioinformatician from Saudi Arabia: I see that GeneCards sets a true example of efficient databases and technology integrations. Moreover, the access to vendors links is just so precious, both as a business model strategy and user-guidance.
  38. professor of human genetics from Luisiana: The GeneCards suite has been extremely helpful in a difficult microarray expression analysis. It has features that two other programs (one very expensive) lack. Thank you so much for your great and friendly site!
  39. mass spectronomy researcher from Colorado: Through your help and the GeneCards and GeneTides databases, almost 2/3 of my previously unidentified probesets could be identified. Thanks very much!!

   Cited research areas

  1. analysis of hits from microarray screening data
  2. personalized medicine
  3. searching for genes between markers
  4. analyses of GWAS projects
  5. subcellular localisation of genes and their function
  6. disease genetics
  7. clinical research in mendelian diseases
  8. human transcription factor database construction
  9. relationship between expression patterns and evolutionary rates
  10. correlation of GIFtS and GO terms
  11. bioinformaticians integrating XML data
  12. under/over expression of genes in various tissues
  13. lung studies
  14. SNPs in lung cancer
  15. paralogy
  16. comparing mouse and human genes
  17. polymorphic markers and their heterozygosity
  18. machine learning and bioinformatics
  19. cancer research
  20. gene identifier mappings
  21. neurobiology, neuroscience, psychiatry
  22. angiogenesis research
  23. web portal of multimedia educational meterials
  24. gene-centric network building
  25. prostate cancer
  26. functional genomics approaches to investigate immune pathways


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