GeneCards Guide

The GeneCards Suite of Databases

  • GeneCaRNA: A database of human non-coding RNA (ncRNA) genes
  • MalaCards: A database of human maladies and their annotations
  • PathCards: The integrated database of human pathways and their annotations
  • GeneALaCart: Generates a file of GeneCards annotations for your list of genes
  • GeneLoc: Presents an integrated map for each human chromosome, based on data integrated by the GeneLoc algorithm

Gene Lists

My Genes

  • My Genes is a facility (registration required) where you can manage your list of favorite genes. Genes can be added or removed to/from the list by clicking the My Genes asterisk on each GeneCards gene's webcard.
    Clicking on My Genes from the menu brings up a page containing a Search box and a list of genes. Each gene is linked to its GeneCard, associated with editable commentary, and annotated with the date that it joined the list.