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GeneCards statistics page

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All cards (150,242 cards)

Distribution of All cards All gene cards

HGNC approved symbols (39,629 cards)

Distribution of HGNC approved symbols Source gene cards

EntrezGene database (20,386 cards)

Distribution of EntrezGene database Source gene cards

Ensembl database (17,538 cards)

Distribution of Ensembl database Source gene cards

Crow21 database (35 cards)

Distribution of Crow21 database Source gene cards

Uncategorized (6,066 cards)

Distribution of Uncategorized Category gene cards
Uncategorized: symbols which did not fit into any category

Genetic loci (1,009 cards)

Distribution of Genetic loci Category gene cards
Genetic loci: symbols which did not fit into any category but have disease related information

Protein-coding (21,976 cards)

Distribution of Protein-coding Category gene cards
Protein-coding: Entrez Gene type = 'protein-coding'

RNA genes (104,578 cards)

Distribution of RNA genes Category gene cards
RNA genes: Entrez Gene type ends with 'RNA'

Pseudogenes (16,481 cards)

Distribution of Pseudogenes Category gene cards
Pseudogenes: Entrez Gene type = 'pseudo'

Gene clusters (132 cards)

Distribution of Gene clusters Category gene cards
Gene clusters: symbols which end with '@'

Graphs Legend

Distribution of GeneCards sources:
The percentage of GeneCards which have information from the corresponding source
The percentage of GeneCards which belong to one of these categories: Uncategorized, Genetic loci, Protein-coding, RNA genes, Pseudogenes, Gene clusters
The percentage of symbols which are derived from each of these databases: HGNC, Entrez Gene, Ensembl, Crow21