GeneCards Mirror Sites
and     how to host and maintain a mirror site
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Up-to-date public GeneCards mirror sites

University Health Network, University of Toronoto, Toronto, Canada


Dept. of Clinical and Biological Sciences , Univ of Torino, Italy


Human Genome Center, Institute of Medical Science, Univ of Tokyo, Japan

What's needed to host a GeneCards mirror site:

  • UNIX/LINUX environment with at least 30GB free disk space and 10GB of memory or swap space
  • HTTP server that allows running of CGI scripts
  • sendmail
  • nail
  • Perl 5.004* or higher, with CGI, Data::Dumper, and GD modules
  • PHP 5, with 100M swap memory and the domxml module
  • MySQL 5
  • Java 1.6
  • Solr server, which is included in the GeneCards mirror package.
  • Commercial usage must be licensed from LifeMap Sciences Inc.
    Academic institutions must sign the academic License Agreement.
    Please note that this revised agreement now also covers GeneAnnot and/or GeneLoc, in preparation for their eventual availability.

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