About GeneCards Plus

GeneCards Plus is a set of PREMIUM TOOLS that leverage the power of GeneCards and the richness of its data to enable biological discovery.

GeneCards Plus is currently free of charge for academic non-profit institutions, but requires registration.
Commercial users - please contact sales@lifemapsc.com for licensing information.
GeneCards Plus includes the following components:

  • GeneALaCart: Batch queries
    GeneALaCart generates a file of GeneCards annotations associated with your list of genes. For each query, you supply the "batch" of gene identifiers and select the annotations that interest you; GeneALaCart then extracts the information from GeneCards, and produces a customized results file.
  • GeneAnalytics: Gene-set analysis
    GeneAnalytics uses novel algorithms to match your gene sets to tissues and cells from LifeMap Discovery, and provides significantly enriched gene associations to disorders, pathways, GO terms, and compounds from GeneCards and MalaCards. GeneAnalytics presents the information attractively and interactively.
  • GeneLoc: Genome locator
    GeneLoc shows a gene in a genomic context, with a list of genes and markers in its scalable genomic neighborhood. It also shows, for every gene, the exonic coordinates based on two sources, NCBI Entrez Gene, and Ensembl.
  • GenesLikeMe: Related genes
    GenesLikeMe (formerly GeneDecks Partner Hunter) finds similar genes for a query gene based on shared descriptors for the following attributes: sequence paralogs, domains, super pathways, expression patterns, phenotypes, compounds, disorders, and gene ontologies.
  • VarElect: NGS phenotyping
    VarElect, the Next Generation Sequencing Phenotyper, finds and ranks genes related to phenotype terms based on >100 GeneCards data sources. learn more
  • PathCards: Super Pathways
    PathCards is an integrated database of human pathways and their annotations. Human pathways were clustered into SuperPaths based on gene content similarity. Each PathCard provides information on one SuperPath, which represents one or more human pathways.

Developed at the Crown Human Genome Center, Department of Molecular Genetics, the Weizmann Institute of Science

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