This page is an index of all of the genes currently available in the GeneCards Database. Clicking on one of the links below will bring you to a page that lists all of the genes that begin with that letter or number. For instance, if you click on A, you will get a list of all genes currently within the GeneCards Database that begin with an A. If you would like to see a text file of all of the genes currently in the GeneCards database please click on the link to the right which says [text only]. This will take you to a page that displays all genes in alphabetical order and that you can then save as a .txt file or copy and paste into a .txt file.
The GeneCards database currently contains 169579 GeneCards     [text-only version]

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You are currently viewing all GeneCards genes that begin with the letter 3.
3.8-1.2 3.8-1.3 3.8-1.4 3.8-1.5                

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