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POU2F2 Gene

protein-coding   GIFtS: 60
GCID: GC19M042592

POU Class 2 Homeobox 2

(Previous names: POU domain class 2, transcription factor 2)
(Previous symbol: OTF2)
  See POU2F2-related disease

(According to 1HGNC, 2Entrez Gene,
3UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, 4UniProtKB/TrEMBL, 5OMIM, 6GeneLoc, 7Ensembl, 8DME, 9miRBase, 10fRNAdb, 12H-InvDB, 13NCBI, 14NONCODE, and/or 15RNAdb)
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POU Class 2 Homeobox 21 2     OTF-22 3
OTF21 2 3 5     Oct-22 3
OCT22 3 5     POU Domain Class 2, Transcription Factor 21
Lymphoid-Restricted Immunoglobulin Octamer-Binding Protein NF-A22 3     Homeobox Protein2
Octamer-Binding Protein 22 3     POU Domain, Class 2, Transcription Factor 22
Octamer-Binding Transcription Factor 22 3     

External Ids:    HGNC: 92131   Entrez Gene: 54522   Ensembl: ENSG000000282777   OMIM: 1641765   UniProtKB: P090863   

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Previous GC identifiers: GC19M043234 GC19M042986 GC19M047271 GC19M047286 GC19M039023

(According to Entrez Gene, GeneCards, Tocris Bioscience, Wikipedia's Gene Wiki, PharmGKB,
UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, and/or UniProtKB/TrEMBL)
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Entrez Gene summary for POU2F2 Gene:
The protein encoded by this gene is a homeobox-containing transcription factor of the POU domain family. The
encoded protein binds the octamer sequence 5'-ATTTGCAT-3', a common transcription factor binding site in
immunoglobulin gene promoters. Several transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this
gene. (provided by RefSeq, Oct 2011)

GeneCards Summary for POU2F2 Gene:
POU2F2 (POU class 2 homeobox 2) is a protein-coding gene. Diseases associated with POU2F2 include nodular lymphocyte predominant hodgkin lymphoma. GO annotations related to this gene include sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor activity and protein domain specific binding. An important paralog of this gene is POU5F2.

UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot: PO2F2_HUMAN, P09086
Function: Transcription factor that specifically binds to the octamer motif (5'-ATTTGCAT-3'). Regulates
transcription in a number of tissues in addition to activating immunoglobulin gene expression. Modulates
transcription transactivation by NR3C1, AR and PGR. Isoform 5 activates the U2 small nuclear RNA (snRNA) promoter

(According to GeneLoc and/or HGNC, and/or
Entrez Gene (NCBI build 37),
and/or miRBase,
Genomic Views according to UCSC (hg19) and Ensembl (release 75), Regulatory elements and Epigenetics data according to QIAGEN, and/or SwitchGear Genomics)
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RefSeq DNA sequence at NCBI GenBank:
NC_000019.9  NT_011109.17  NC_018930.2  
Regulatory elements:
   Regulatory transcription factor binding sites in the POU2F2 gene promoter:
         NRSF form 1   NRSF form 2   Evi-1   E47   HNF-4alpha1   PPAR-gamma1   PPAR-gamma2   Pax-4a   
         Other transcription factors

SwitchGear Promoter luciferase reporter plasmidPOU2F2 promoter sequence
   Search Chromatin IP Primers for POU2F2

DNA Methylation CpG Assay Predesigned for Pyrosequencing in human, mouse, rat POU2F2

Genomic Location:
Genomic View: UCSC Golden Path with GeneCards custom track

Entrez Gene cytogenetic band: 19q13.2   Ensembl cytogenetic band:  19q13.2   HGNC cytogenetic band: 19q13.2

POU2F2 Gene in genomic location: bands according to Ensembl, locations according to (and/or Entrez Gene and/or Ensembl if different)
POU2F2 gene location

GeneLoc information about chromosome 19         GeneLoc Exon Structure

GeneLoc location for GC19M042592:  view genomic region     (about GC identifiers)

42,590,263 bp from pter      End:
42,700,737 bp from pter
110,475 bases      Orientation:
minus strand

(According to 1UniProtKB, HORDE, 2neXtProt, Ensembl, and/or Reactome, Modification sites according to PhosphoSitePlus, Specific Peptides from DME, RefSeq according to NCBI, PDB rendering according to OCA and/or Proteopedia, Recombinant Proteins from EMD Millipore, R&D Systems, GenScript, Enzo Life Sciences, OriGene, Novus Biologicals, Sino Biological, ProSpec, Cloud-Clone Corp., eBioscience, antibodies-online, and/or GeneTex,
Biochemical Assays by EMD Millipore, R&D Systems, OriGene, GenScript, Cell Signaling Technology, Enzo Life Sciences, Cloud-Clone Corp., eBioscience, and/or antibodies-online, Antibodies by EMD Millipore, R&D Systems, Cell Signaling Technology, OriGene, Novus Biologicals, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Abcam, Cloud-Clone Corp, antibodies-online, and/or GeneTex.)
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UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot: PO2F2_HUMAN, P09086 (See protein sequence)
Recommended Name: POU domain, class 2, transcription factor 2  
Size: 479 amino acids; 51209 Da
Subunit: Interacts with NR3C1, AR and PGR
Sequence caution: Sequence=CAA32039.1; Type=Erroneous initiation;
1 PDB 3D structure from and Proteopedia for POU2F2:
1HDP (3D)    
Secondary accessions: Q16648 Q7M4M8 Q9BRS4
Alternative splicing: 5 isoforms:  P09086-1   P09086-2   P09086-3   P09086-4   P09086-5   (Incomplete sequence)

Explore the universe of human proteins at neXtProt for POU2F2: NX_P09086

Explore proteomics data for POU2F2 at MOPED

Post-translational modifications: 

  • Modification sites at neXtProt
  • Modification sites at PhosphoSitePlus

  • See POU2F2 Protein Expression from SPIRE MOPED, PaxDB, and MaxQB

    REFSEQ proteins (4 alternative transcripts): 
    NP_001193954.1  NP_001193955.1  NP_001234923.1  NP_002689.1  

    ENSEMBL proteins: 
     ENSP00000373992   ENSP00000437221   ENSP00000452930   ENSP00000431603   ENSP00000437224  
     ENSP00000436100   ENSP00000453995   ENSP00000454179   ENSP00000453255   ENSP00000436988  
     ENSP00000471890   ENSP00000475664   ENSP00000476062   ENSP00000476240   ENSP00000339369  

    POU2F2 Human Recombinant Protein Products:

    Browse Purified and Recombinant Proteins at EMD Millipore
    Browse R&D Systems for human recombinant proteins
    Browse recombinant and purified proteins available from Enzo Life Sciences
    Browse OriGene full length recombinant human proteins expressed in human HEK293 cells
    OriGene Protein Over-expression Lysate for POU2F2
    OriGene Custom MassSpec
    OriGene Custom Protein Services for POU2F2
    GenScript Custom Purified and Recombinant Proteins Services for POU2F2
    Novus Biologicals POU2F2 Protein
    Novus Biologicals POU2F2 Lysates
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    antibodies-online proteins for POU2F2 (3 products) 

    antibodies-online peptides for POU2F2

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    POU2F2 Antibody Products:

    Browse EMD Millipore's Extensive Line of Mono- and Polyclonal Antibodies
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    OriGene Antibodies for POU2F2
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    ThermoFisher Antibody for POU2F2
    antibodies-online antibodies for POU2F2 (77 products) 

    GeneTex Antibodies for POU2F2:  
                        POU2F2 Antibodies

    POU2F2 Assay Products:

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    antibodies-online kits for POU2F2 (15 products) 

    (According to HGNC, IUPHAR, InterPro, ProtoNet, UniProtKB, and/or BLOCKS, Sets of similar genes according to GenesLikeMe)
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    HGNC Gene Families:
    POU: Homeoboxes / POU class

    Selected InterPro protein domains (see all 7):
     IPR010982 Lambda_DNA-bd_dom
     IPR000972 TF_octamer
     IPR013847 POU
     IPR000327 POU_specific
     IPR017970 Homeobox_CS

    Graphical View of Domain Structure for InterPro Entry P09086

    ProtoNet protein and cluster: P09086

    3 Blocks protein domains:
    IPB000327 POU domain
    IPB000972 Octamer-binding transcription factor signature
    IPB013847 POU

    UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot: PO2F2_HUMAN, P09086
    Similarity: Belongs to the POU transcription factor family. Class-2 subfamily
    Similarity: Contains 1 homeobox DNA-binding domain
    Similarity: Contains 1 POU-specific domain

    Find genes that share domains with POU2F2           About GenesLikeMe

    (According to 1UniProtKB, Genatlas, LifeMap Discovery™, IUBMB, and/or 2DME, Human phenotypes from GenomeRNAi, Animal models from MGI Mar 06 2013, genOway, and/or Taconic Biosciences, CRISPR knockouts from OriGene, transcription factor targeting from QIAGEN and/or HOMER, miRNA Gene Targets from miRTarBase, shRNA from OriGene, siRNAs from OriGene, QIAGEN, microRNA from QIAGEN, SwitchGear Genomics, Clones from OriGene, GenScript, Sino Biological, Vector BioLabs and/or Addgene, Cell Lines from GenScript, ESI BIO, In Situ Hybridization Assays from Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Flow cytometry from eBioscience, Ontologies according to Gene Ontology Consortium 01 Apr 2014 via Entrez Gene, Sets of similar genes according to GenesLikeMe)
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    Molecular Function:

         UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot Summary: PO2F2_HUMAN, P09086
    Function: Transcription factor that specifically binds to the octamer motif (5'-ATTTGCAT-3'). Regulates
    transcription in a number of tissues in addition to activating immunoglobulin gene expression. Modulates
    transcription transactivation by NR3C1, AR and PGR. Isoform 5 activates the U2 small nuclear RNA (snRNA) promoter

         Genatlas biochemistry entry for POU2F2:
    POU domain,class 2,transcription factor 2,expressed in the immune system,also involved in the control of the
    forebrain development and the cell-cell signaling process underlying the hypothalamic regulation of female

         Gene Ontology (GO): 4 molecular function terms:    About this table

    GO IDQualified GO termEvidencePubMed IDs
    GO:0003677DNA binding ----
    GO:0003700sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor activity IEA--
    GO:0019904protein domain specific binding IEA--
    GO:0043565sequence-specific DNA binding IDA9242494
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         1 GenomeRNAi human phenotype for POU2F2:
     Synthetic lethal with Ras 

         7 MGI mutant phenotypes (inferred from 2 alleles(MGI details for Pou2f2):
     behavior/neurological  growth/size/body  hematopoietic system  homeostasis/metabolism  immune system 
     mortality/aging  respiratory system 

    Find genes that share phenotypes with POU2F2           About GenesLikeMe

    Animal Models:
         MGI mouse knock-outs for POU2F2: Pou2f2tm1Bal Pou2f2tm1Lmc

       genOway: Develop your customized and physiologically relevant rodent model for POU2F2

        Taconic Biosicences: Generate A Custom CRISPR Mouse Model For Your Study 

    CRISPR Knockouts: 
       OriGene CRISPR knockouts for POU2F2

    Transcription Factor Targeting: 

    Targeting motifs: HOMER Transcription Factor Regulatory Elements motif viewer 
                                          Consensus sequence:  ATATGCAAAT 

    miRTarBase miRNAs that target POU2F2:
    hsa-mir-9-5p (MIRT000639)

    Block miRNA regulation of human, mouse, rat POU2F2 using miScript Target Protectors
    Selected qRT-PCR Assays for microRNAs that regulate POU2F2 (see all 92):
    hsa-miR-218-1* hsa-miR-149 hsa-miR-3150b-3p hsa-miR-3148 hsa-miR-3612 hsa-miR-3622a-5p hsa-miR-4289 hsa-miR-663
    Browse SwitchGear 3'UTR luciferase reporter plasmids
    Inhib. RNA
    OriGene RNAi products in human, mouse, rat for POU2F2
    Predesigned siRNA for gene silencing in human, mouse, rat POU2F2

    OriGene clones in human, mouse for POU2F2 (see all 9)
    OriGene ORF clones in mouse, rat for POU2F2
    OriGene custom cloning services - gene synthesis, subcloning, mutagenesis, variant library, vector shuttling
    GenScript: all cDNA clones in your preferred vector: POU2F2 (NM_002698)
    Browse Sino Biological Human cDNA Clones
    Vector BioLabs ready-to-use adenovirus/AAV for human, mouse, rat POU2F2

    Cell Line
    GenScript Custom overexpressing Cell Line Services for POU2F2
    Browse ESI BIO Cell Lines and PureStem Progenitors for POU2F2 
    In Situ Assay

    Advanced Cell Diagnostics RNAscope RNA in situ hybridization assays for POU2F2

    (According to UniProtKB, COMPARTMENTS Subcellular localization database, Ontologies according to Gene Ontology Consortium 01 Apr 2014 via Entrez Gene, Sets of similar genes according to GenesLikeMe)
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    Subcellular locations from UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot
    PO2F2_HUMAN, P09086: Cytoplasm (By similarity). Nucleus
    Subcellular locations from COMPARTMENTS: 


    Gene Ontology (GO): 2 cellular component terms:    About this table

    GO IDQualified GO termEvidencePubMed IDs
    GO:0005634nucleus IDA9242494
    GO:0005737cytoplasm IEA--

    Find genes that share ontologies with POU2F2           About GenesLikeMe

    (SuperPaths according to PathCards, Pathways according to R&D Systems, Cell Signaling Technology, KEGG, PharmGKB, BioSystems, Sino Biological, Reactome, Tocris Bioscience, GeneGo (Thomson Reuters), QIAGEN, and/or UniProtKB, Sets of similar genes according to GenesLikeMe, Interaction Networks according to QIAGEN, and/or STRING, Interactions according to 1UniProtKB, 2MINT, 3I2D, and/or 4STRING, with links to IntAct and Ensembl, Ontologies according to Gene Ontology Consortium 01 Apr 2014 via Entrez Gene, Sets of similar genes according to GenesLikeMe)
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    SuperPaths for POU2F2 About    
    See pathways by source

    SuperPathContained pathways About
    1B cell receptor signaling pathway (KEGG)
    BCR signaling pathway0.42
    2SIDS Susceptibility Pathways
    SIDS Susceptibility Pathways
    3Development_Glucocorticoid receptor signaling
    Development_Glucocorticoid receptor signaling

    Pathways by source                                   See SuperPaths
    Show all pathways

    1 GeneGo (Thomson Reuters) Pathway for POU2F2
        Development Glucocorticoid receptor signaling

    2 BioSystems Pathways for POU2F2
        SIDS Susceptibility Pathways
    BCR signaling pathway

        Pathway & Disease-focused RT2 Profiler PCR Arrays including POU2F2: 
              T Helper Cell Differentiation in human mouse rat
              Homeobox (HOX) Genes in human mouse rat


        GeneGlobe Interaction Network for POU2F2

    STRING Interaction Network Preview (showing 5 interactants - click image to see 22)

    Selected Interacting proteins for POU2F2 (P090863 ENSP000003739924) via UniProtKB, MINT, STRING, and/or I2D (see all 23)
    InteractantInteraction Details
    GeneCardExternal ID(s)
    MNAT1P519483, ENSP000002612454I2D: score=3 STRING: ENSP00000261245
    NR3C1P041503, ENSP000002315094I2D: score=3 STRING: ENSP00000231509
    XRCC6P129563, ENSP000003522574I2D: score=3 STRING: ENSP00000352257
    TBPP202263, ENSP000002303544I2D: score=2 STRING: ENSP00000230354
    ARP102753, ENSP000003638224I2D: score=1 STRING: ENSP00000363822
    About this table

    Gene Ontology (GO): Selected biological process terms (see all 8):    About this table

    GO IDQualified GO termEvidencePubMed IDs
    GO:0002335mature B cell differentiation IEA--
    GO:0002380immunoglobulin secretion involved in immune response IEA--
    GO:0006355regulation of transcription, DNA-templated ----
    GO:0006366transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter TAS9442393
    GO:0006959humoral immune response TAS9442393

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    (Chemical Compounds according to UniProtKB, Enzo Life Sciences, EMD Millipore, Tocris Bioscience, ApexBio, HMDB, BitterDB, and/or Novoseek, Ligands according to IUPHAR, and Drugs according to DrugBank, Enzo Life Sciences, and/or PharmGKB, Sets of similar genes according to GenesLikeMe)
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    Browse Small Molecules at EMD Millipore
       Browse drugs & compounds from Enzo Life Sciences
      Browse compounds at ApexBio 

    Browse Tocris compounds for POU2F2 (PO2F2)

    7 Novoseek inferred chemical compound relationships for POU2F2 gene    About this table
    Compound   -log (P-Val)   Hits   PubMed IDs for Articles with Shared Sentences (# sentences)
    okadaic acid 14.8 1 10727398 (1)
    oligonucleotide 0 2 8026890 (1), 11368023 (1)
    steroid 0 1 10433239 (1)
    tyrosine 0 5 8672399 (4)
    glutamate 0 8 14756804 (4), 16787415 (1), 1358756 (1)
    gnrh 0 1 11036938 (1)
    serine 0 1 2302733 (1)

    Find genes that share compounds with POU2F2           About GenesLikeMe

    (Secondary structures according to fRNAdb,
    GenBank/EMBL/DDBJ Accessions according to
    Unigene (Build 236 Homo sapiens; Apr 25 2013) or GenBank,
    RefSeq according to Entrez Gene,
    DOTS (version 10), and/or AceView, transcript ids from Ensembl with links to UCSC,
    exon structure from GeneLoc, alternative splicing isoforms according to ASD and/or ECgene,
    siRNAs from OriGene, QIAGEN, shRNA from OriGene, microRNA from QIAGEN, SwitchGear Genomics,
    Tagged/untagged cDNA clones from OriGene, GenScript, Vector BioLabs, and/or Addgene, Primers from OriGene, and/or QIAGEN, Flow cytometry from eBioscience )
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    REFSEQ mRNAs for POU2F2 gene (8 alternative transcripts): 
    NM_001207025.2  NM_001207026.1  NM_001247994.1  NM_002698.4  XM_005259009.1  XM_005259010.1  XM_005259011.1  XM_005259012.1  

    Unigene Cluster for POU2F2:

    POU class 2 homeobox 2
    Hs.147381  [show with all ESTs]
    Unigene Representative Sequence: NM_001207025
    Selected Ensembl transcripts including schematic representations, and UCSC links where relevant (see all 19):
    ENST00000389341(uc002osn.3 uc002osq.3) ENST00000533720 ENST00000560804
    ENST00000526816 ENST00000529067 ENST00000534559 ENST00000533548 ENST00000560558
    ENST00000560398 ENST00000529952(uc002osr.2) ENST00000598842 ENST00000528894
    ENST00000526831 ENST00000530982 ENST00000531773 ENST00000524801 ENST00000532176
    Block miRNA regulation of human, mouse, rat POU2F2 using miScript Target Protectors
    Selected qRT-PCR Assays for microRNAs that regulate POU2F2 (see all 92):
    hsa-miR-218-1* hsa-miR-149 hsa-miR-3150b-3p hsa-miR-3148 hsa-miR-3612 hsa-miR-3622a-5p hsa-miR-4289 hsa-miR-663
    Browse SwitchGear 3'UTR luciferase reporter plasmids
    Inhib. RNA
    OriGene RNAi products in human, mouse, rat for POU2F2
    Predesigned siRNA for gene silencing in human, mouse, rat POU2F2
    OriGene clones in human, mouse for POU2F2 (see all 9)
    OriGene ORF clones in mouse, rat for POU2F2
    OriGene custom cloning services - gene synthesis, subcloning, mutagenesis, variant library, vector shuttling
    GenScript: all cDNA clones in your preferred vector: POU2F2 (NM_002698)
    Vector BioLabs ready-to-use adenovirus/AAV for human, mouse, rat POU2F2
    OriGene qSTAR qPCR primer pairs in human, mouse for POU2F2
    Pre-validated RT2 qPCR Primer Assay in human, mouse, rat POU2F2
      QuantiTect SYBR Green Assays in human, mouse, rat POU2F2
      QuantiFast Probe-based Assays in human, mouse, rat POU2F2

    Additional mRNA sequence: 

    AL833648.1 BC006101.1 BT007438.1 M22596.1 M36542.1 M36653.1 M36718.1 M36772.1 
    X13809.1 X13810.1 X53468.1 X53469.1 

    16 DOTS entries:

    DT.100785009  DT.99990511  DT.95069801  DT.100785010  DT.121453175  DT.91700060  DT.413141  DT.100785013 
    DT.413142  DT.413561  DT.65286027  DT.86836027  DT.91741185  DT.95069804  DT.97762188  DT.97775242 

    Selected AceView cDNA sequences (see all 219):

    BU428722 AA400730 M36718 BE465551 AI553728 AA832036 AA805083 AI208828 
    CF137658 CR604513 AA829950 BX100387 AI364649 AU186044 AA749285 AW166309 
    AA805157 BU430118 AA894446 CR594168 AA731643 BM810914 AW135115 AA011627 

    GeneLoc Exon Structure

    Selected Alternative Splicing Database (ASD) splice patterns (SP) for POU2F2 (see all 7)    About this scheme

    ExUns: 1a · 1b · 1c ^ 2 ^ 3 ^ 4 ^ 5a · 5b ^ 6 ^ 7 ^ 8 ^ 9 ^ 10a · 10b ^ 11a · 11b ^ 12a · 12b ^ 13a · 13b ^ 14a · 14b ^ 15 ^ 16 ^ 17 ^ 18 ^
    SP1:                                      -           -     -     -                 -     -                                                     -           -   
    SP2:                                      -           -     -     -                 -                                                                           
    SP3:                                      -           -                             -                                                                           
    SP4:                                      -           -     -     -                                                                                             
    SP5:                                                        -     -                 -                                                                           

    ExUns: 19

    ECgene alternative splicing isoforms for POU2F2

    (RNA expression data according to H-InvDB, NONCODE, miRBase, and RNAdb, Expression images according to data from BioGPS, Illumina Human BodyMap, and CGAP SAGE, Sets of similar genes according to GenesLikeMe, in vivo and in vitro expression data from LifeMap Discovery™, Protein expression images according to data from SPIRE 1MOPED, 2PaxDb, and 3MaxQB, plus additional links to SOURCE, and/or BioGPS, and/or UniProtKB,
    PCR Arrays from QIAGEN, Primers from OriGene, and/or QIAGEN, In Situ Hybridization Assays from Advanced Cell Diagnostics)
    About This Section

    POU2F2 expression in normal human tissues (normalized intensities)
    See probesets specificity/sensitivity at GeneAnnot
    About this imageBioGPS <intensity>2/3
    POU2F2 Expression
    About this image

    POU2F2 expression in embryonic tissues and stem cells    About this table
    Data from LifeMap, the Embryonic Development and Stem Cells Database
     selected tissues (see all 2) fully expand
     Smooth Muscle (Muscoskeletal System)
             Juxtaglomerular Cells Afferent Arteriole
     Kidney (Urinary System)
             Juxtaglomerular Cells Afferent Arteriole
    POU2F2 Protein expression data from MOPED1, PaxDb2 and MaxQB3    About this image

    POU2F2 Protein Expression

    SOURCE GeneReport for Unigene cluster: Hs.147381

    UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot: PO2F2_HUMAN, P09086
    Tissue specificity: Isoform 3 is B-cell specific. Isoform 5 is expressed in B-cells and the
    immunoglobulin-expressing T-cell line MOLT-4, but not in the T-cell line BW5147

        Pathway & Disease-focused RT2 Profiler PCR Arrays including POU2F2: 
              T Helper Cell Differentiation in human mouse rat
              Homeobox (HOX) Genes in human mouse rat

    OriGene qSTAR qPCR primer pairs in human, mouse for POU2F2
    Pre-validated RT2 qPCR Primer Assay in human, mouse, rat POU2F2
    QuantiTect SYBR Green Assays in human, mouse, rat POU2F2
    QuantiFast Probe-based Assays in human, mouse, rat POU2F2
    In Situ
    Assay Products:

    Advanced Cell Diagnostics RNAscope RNA in situ hybridization assays for POU2F2

    (Orthologs according to 1,2HomoloGene (2older version, for species not in 1newer version), 3euGenes, 4SGD , 5MGI Mar 06 2013, with possible further links to Flybase and/or WormBase, and/or 6Ensembl pan taxonomic compara , Gene Trees according to Ensembl and TreeFam)
    About This Section

    This gene was present in the common ancestor of animals.

    Orthologs for POU2F2 gene from Selected species (see all 11)    About this table
    Organism Taxonomic
    Gene Description Human
    (Mus musculus)
    Mammalia Pou2f21 , 5 POU domain, class 2, transcription factor 21, 5 94.6(n)1
      7 (13.73 cM)5
    189871  NM_001163554.11  NP_001157026.11 
    (Anolis carolinensis)
    Reptilia POU2F26
    POU class 2 homeobox 2
    1 ↔ 1
    tropical clawed frog
    (Xenopus tropicalis)
    Amphibia pou2f21 POU class 2 homeobox 2 66.74(n)
      100497329  XM_002936399.2  XP_002936445.2 
    (Danio rerio)
    Actinopterygii pou2f2a1 POU domain, class 2, transcription factor 2a 65.42(n)
      557055  XM_005173510.1  XP_005173567.1 
    fruit fly
    (Drosophila melanogaster)
    Insecta nub3 neuroblast determination transcription
    (best of 2)
    (Caenorhabditis elegans)
    Secernentea ceh-63 Homeobox domain, Pou domain -
    N-terminal to homeobox more
    55(a)   I(8506480-8510320)   --

    ENSEMBL Gene Tree for POU2F2 (if available)
    TreeFam Gene Tree for POU2F2 (if available)

    (Paralogs according to 1HomoloGene,
    2Ensembl, and 3SIMAP, Pseudogenes according to Build 68,Sets of similar genes according to GenesLikeMe)
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    Paralogs for POU2F2 gene
    POU5F22  POU6F22  POU4F22  POU2F32  POU3F12  POU3F42  POU1F12  POU3F32  
    POU4F32  POU3F22  POU5F1B2  POU4F12  POU2F12  POU6F12  POU5F12  
    14 SIMAP similar genes for POU2F2 using alignment to 12 protein entries:     PO2F2_HUMAN (see all proteins):
    OCT-2    OCT6    POU2F3    POU1F1    POU6F1    POU2F1
    POU5F1P1    POU5F1P4    POU3F1    POU5F1    POU5F1B    POU4F3
    POU3F2    POU3F4

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    Selected SNPs for POU2F2 (see all 728)    About this table                                 

    Genomic DataTranscription Related DataAllele Frequencies
    SNP IDValidClinical
    Chr 19 posSequence#AA
    A--42597161(+) tatatA/Tttttt 4 -- int10--------
    --42779628(+) TAATTG/TTTTTT 3 -- ds50010--------
    C--42779640(+) TTTTG-/TTTTTT 3 -- ds50010--------
    C--42779656(+) TTTTTA/GGACAA 3 -- ds50010--------
    H--42779706(+) attacA/Ggttca 3 -- ds50010--------
    --42780197(+) TCAGAC/TGGAAC 3 -- ut310--------
    C--42780230(+) AGGATG/TGAGGA 3 -- ut313Minor allele frequency- T:0.00MN NA 188
    C,F,H--42780353(+) GGTGGT/CGAAAG 3 -- ut314Minor allele frequency- C:0.01EA NS NA 172
    --42780560(+) CTCTAC/TGAGTT 3 -- ut310--------
    C--42780569(+) TTGCC-/GAGAGAG 3 -- ut310--------

    HapMap Linkage Disequilibrium report for POU2F2 (42590263 - 42700737 bp)

    Structural Variations
         Database of Genomic Variants (DGV) 5 variations for POU2F2:    About this table    
    Variant IDTypeSubtypePubMed ID
    nsv2496CNV Insertion18451855
    nsv520239CNV Loss19592680
    nsv911782CNV Loss21882294
    nsv911783CNV Loss21882294
    nsv522854CNV Gain19592680

    Site Specific Mutation Identification with PCR Assays
    SeqTarget long-range PCR primers for resequencing POU2F2

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    OMIM gene information: 164176    OMIM disorders: --

    1 disease for POU2F2:    
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    nodular lymphocyte predominant hodgkin lymphoma

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    9 Novoseek inferred disease relationships for POU2F2 gene    About this table

    Disease   -log (P-Val)   Hits   PubMed IDs for Articles with Shared Sentences (# sentences)
    latent infection 54.1 3 8396817 (1), 8139923 (1), 1654947 (1)
    lymphoma b-cell 52.6 3 11904338 (1), 16778825 (1)
    herpes simplex 45 3 8129727 (1), 8645173 (1), 7733899 (1)
    lymphoma 41.4 17 11904338 (2), 16186795 (2), 11591767 (2), 7600290 (1) (see all 8)
    plasmacytoma 21.7 2 11591767 (2)
    hodgkin disease 19.3 2 14608905 (2)
    myeloma 14.5 4 7600290 (2), 2107075 (1), 9598983 (1)
    lymphoma non-hodgkins 0.603 2 11904338 (1), 14608905 (1)
    tumors 0 2 1620122 (1), 19504395 (1)

    Genetic Association Database (GAD): POU2F2
    Human Genome Epidemiology (HuGE) Navigator: POU2F2 (5 documents)

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    PubMed articles for POU2F2 gene, integrated from 10 sources (see all 174) (see top 10):
    (articles sorted by number of sources associating them with POU2F2)

    1. Short introns interrupting the Oct-2 POU domain may prevent recombination between POU family genes without interfering with potential POU domain 'shuffling' in evolution. (PubMed id 7888080)1, 2, 9 Matsuo K....Schaffner W. (Biol. Chem. Hoppe-Seyler 1994)
    2. Variation at the NFATC2 locus increases the risk of thiazolidinedione-induced edema in the Diabetes REduction Assessment with ramipril and rosiglitazone Medication (DREAM) study. (PubMed id 20628086)1, 4 Bailey S.D....Anand S. (Diabetes Care 2010)
    3. Contribution of organic cation transporter 2 (OCT2) to cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity. (PubMed id 19625999)1, 4 Filipski K.K....Sparreboom A. (Clin. Pharmacol. Ther. 2009)
    4. The status, quality, and expansion of the NIH full-length cDNA project: the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC). (PubMed id 15489334)1, 2 Gerhard D.S.... Malek J. (Genome Res. 2004)
    5. Selective binding of steroid hormone receptors to octamer transcription factors determines transcriptional synergism at the mouse mammary tumor virus promoter. (PubMed id 10480874)1, 2 Prefontaine G.G....Hache R.J.G. (J. Biol. Chem. 1999)
    6. Solution structure of a POU-specific homeodomain: 3D-NMR studies of human B-cell transcription factor Oct-2. (PubMed id 7914745)1, 2 Sivaraja M.... Weiss M.A. (Biochemistry 1994)
    7. Transcription factor Oct-2A contains functionally redundant activating domains and works selectively from a promoter but not from a remote enhancer position in non-lymphoid (HeLa) cells. (PubMed id 2328728)1, 2 Muller-Immergluck M.M.... Matthias P. (EMBO J. 1990)
    8. A cloned octamer transcription factor stimulates transcription from lymphoid-specific promoters in non-B cells. (PubMed id 2904653)1, 2 Mueller M.M.... Matthias P. (Nature 1988)
    9. A human lymphoid-specific transcription factor that activates immunoglobulin genes is a homoeobox protein. (PubMed id 2904654)1, 2 Scheidereit C.... Roder R.G. (Nature 1988)
    10. A human protein specific for the immunoglobulin octamer DNA motif contains a functional homeobox domain. (PubMed id 2901913)1, 2 Ko H.-S.... Staudt L.M. (Cell 1988)
    11. The B-cell-specific Oct-2 protein contains POU box- and homeo box- type domains. (PubMed id 3265124)1, 2 Clerc R.G.... Sharp P.A. (Genes Dev. 1988)
    12. Oct transcription factors mediate t(14;18) lymphoma cell survival by directly regulating bcl-2 expression. (PubMed id 16186795)1, 9 Heckman C.A....Boxer L.M. (Oncogene 2006)
    13. Promoter-selective activation domains in Oct-1 and Oct-2 direct differential activation of an snRNA and mRNA promoter. (PubMed id 1739980)2, 9 Tanaka M.... Herr W. (Cell 1992)
    14. A high throughput embryonic stem cell screen identifies Oct-2 as a bifunctional regulator of neuronal differentiation. (PubMed id 19270158)1, 9 Theodorou E....Snyder M. (amp 2009)
    15. DNA-dependent conversion of Oct-1 and Oct-2 into transcriptional repressors by Groucho/TLE. (PubMed id 16103132)1, 9 Malin S....Pettersson S. (Nucleic Acids Res. 2005)
    16. Human Oct-1L isoform has tissue-specific expression pattern similar to Oct-2. (PubMed id 12663137)1, 9 Luchina N.N.... Pankratova E.V. (Immunol. Lett. 2003)
    17. NF-kappa B and Oct-2 synergize to activate the human 3' Igh hs4 enhancer in B cells. (PubMed id 14707079)1, 9 Sepulveda M.A....Birshtein B.K. (J. Immunol. 2004)
    18. Expression of transcription factors Pu.1, Spi-B, Blimp-1, BSAP and oct-2 in normal human plasma cells and in multiple myeloma cells. (PubMed id 11841448)1, 9 Nagy M.... Matthes T. (Br. J. Haematol. 2002)
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    24. B-cell transcription factors Pax-5, Oct-2, BOB.1, Bcl-6, and MUM1 are useful markers for the diagnosis of nodular lymphocyte predominant Hodgkin lymphoma. (PubMed id 21424034)1 Herbeck R....IoniALA8 H. (Rom J Morphol Embryol 2011)
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    34. Alterations of loci encoding PU.1, BOB1, and OCT2 transcription regulators do not correlate with their suppressed expression in Hodgkin lymphoma. (PubMed id 15796964)1 Cavazzini F....Wlodarska I. (Cancer Genet. Cytogenet. 2005)
    35. Functional interaction of Oct transcription factors with the family of repeats in Epstein-Barr virus oriP. (PubMed id 15831936)1 Almqvist J....Ernberg I. (J. Gen. Virol. 2005)
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    79. Glutamate regulates Oct-2 DNA-binding activity through alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methylisoxazole-4-propionate receptors in cultured chick Bergmann glia cells. (PubMed id 14756804)9 MAcndez J.A....Ortega A. (J. Neurochem. 2004)
    80. The B-cell transcription factors BSAP, Oct-2, and BOB.1 and the pan-B-cell markers CD20, CD22, and CD79a are useful in the differential diagnosis of classic Hodgkin lymphoma. (PubMed id 14608905)9 Browne P....Chan J.A. (Am. J. Clin. Pathol. 2003)
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    88. Primary diffuse large B-cell lymphoma of the breast. (PubMed id 17690512)9 Kuroda H....Itoyama S. (Breast Cancer 2007)
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    90. The human involucrin gene is transcriptionally repressed through a tissue-specific silencer element recognized by Oct-2. (PubMed id 15120610)9 Azuara-Liceaga E....LA^pez-Bayghen E. (Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 2004)
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