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protein-coding   GIFtS: 72
GCID: GC0XP043515

Monoamine Oxidase A

Microbiology & Infectious Diseases Congress
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(According to 1HGNC, 2Entrez Gene,
3UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, 4UniProtKB/TrEMBL, 5OMIM, 6GeneLoc, 7Ensembl, 8DME, 9miRBase, 10fRNAdb, 12H-InvDB, 13NCBI, 14NONCODE, and/or 15RNAdb)
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Monoamine Oxidase A1 2
Monoamine Oxidase Type A2 3
MAO-A2 3
EC 8
Amine Oxidase [Flavin-Containing] A2
EC 1.4.38

External Ids:    HGNC: 68331   Entrez Gene: 41282   Ensembl: ENSG000001892217   OMIM: 3098505   UniProtKB: P213973   

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Previous GC identifers: GC0XP041545 GC0XP041794 GC0XP042360 GC0XP042636 GC0XP043271 GC0XP043400 GC0XP041246

(According to Entrez Gene, Tocris Bioscience, Wikipedia's Gene Wiki, PharmGKB,
UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, and/or UniProtKB/TrEMBL)
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Entrez Gene summary for MAOA Gene:
This gene is one of two neighboring gene family members that encode mitochondrial enzymes which catalyze the
oxidative deamination of amines, such as dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. Mutation of this gene results
in Brunner syndrome. This gene has also been associated with a variety of other psychiatric disorders, including
antisocial behavior. Alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding multiple isoforms have been observed.
(provided by RefSeq, Jul 2012)

GeneCards Summary for MAOA Gene: 
MAOA (monoamine oxidase A) is a protein-coding gene. Diseases associated with MAOA include social phobia, and antisocial personality disorder, and among its related super-pathways are Polyamines are oxidized to amines, aldehydes and H2O2 by PAOs and Metabolic pathways. GO annotations related to this gene include primary amine oxidase activity. An important paralog of this gene is MAOB.

UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot: AOFA_HUMAN, P21397
Function: Catalyzes the oxidative deamination of biogenic and xenobiotic amines and has important functions in the
metabolism of neuroactive and vasoactive amines in the central nervous system and peripheral tissues. MAOA
preferentially oxidizes biogenic amines such as 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT), norepinephrine and epinephrine

summary for MAOA Gene:
Monoamine Oxidases (MAO) catalyze the oxidation of monoamines such as dopamine, serotonin and adrenalin.
They are found bound to the outer membrane of mitochondria in most cell types in the body. Two subtypes of
monoamine oxidase have been identified: MAO-A and MAO-B. Both are found in neurons and astroglia, with MAO-A
also found in the liver, gastrointestinal tract and placenta and MAO-B in blood platelets. Abnormal
regulation of MAOs in the body has been associated with depression, substance abuse, attention deficit
disorder, and irregular sexual maturation.

Gene Wiki entry for MAOA (Monoamine oxidase A) Gene

(According to GeneLoc and/or HGNC, and/or
Entrez Gene (NCBI build 37),
and/or miRBase,
Genomic Views according to UCSC (hg19) and Ensembl (release 73), Regulatory elements and Epigenetics data according to QIAGEN, SABiosciences, and/or SwitchGear Genomics)
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RefSeq DNA sequence:
NC_000023.10  NC_018934.2  NT_079573.4  
Regulatory elements:
   SABiosciences Regulatory transcription factor binding sites in the MAOA gene promoter:
         MEF-2A   c-Fos   AP-1   ATF-2   c-Jun   
         Other transcription factors

SwitchGear Promoter luciferase reporter plasmidMAOA promoter sequence
   Search SABiosciences Chromatin IP Primers for MAOA

QIAGEN PyroMark CpG Assay predesigned Pyrosequencing DNA Methylation assays in human, mouse, rat MAOA

Genomic Location:
Genomic View: UCSC Golden Path with GeneCards custom track

Entrez Gene cytogenetic band: Xp11.3   Ensembl cytogenetic band:  Xp11.3   HGNC cytogenetic band: Xp11.4-p11.3

MAOA Gene in genomic location: bands according to Ensembl, locations according to (and/or Entrez Gene and/or Ensembl if different)
MAOA gene location

GeneLoc information about chromosome X         GeneLoc Exon Structure

GeneLoc location for GC0XP043515:  view genomic region     (about GC identifiers)

43,515,409 bp from pter      End:
43,606,068 bp from pter
90,660 bases      Orientation:
plus strand

(According to UniProtKB, HORDE, neXtProt, Ensembl, and/or Reactome, Modification sites according to PhosphoSitePlus, Specific Peptides from DME, Protein expression images according to data from SPIRE 1MOPED, 2PaxDb, and 3MAXQB RefSeq according to NCBI, PDB rendering according to OCA and/or Proteopedia, Recombinant Proteins from EMD Millipore, R&D Systems, GenScript, Enzo Life Sciences, OriGene, Novus Biologicals, Sino Biological, ProSpec, and/or Cloud-Clone Corp.,
Biochemical Assays by EMD Millipore, R&D Systems, OriGene, GenScript, Cell Signaling Technology, Enzo Life Sciences, and/or Cloud-Clone Corp., Ontologies according to Gene Ontology Consortium 01 Oct 2013 and Entrez Gene, Antibodies by EMD Millipore, R&D Systems, GenScript, Cell Signaling Technology, OriGene, Novus Biologicals, Thermo Fisher Scientific, LSBio, Abcam, and/or Cloud-Clone Corp.)
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UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot: AOFA_HUMAN, P21397 (See protein sequence)
Recommended Name: Amine oxidase [flavin-containing] A  
Size: 527 amino acids; 59682 Da
Cofactor: FAD
Subunit: Monomer, homo- or heterodimer (containing two subunits of similar size). Each subunit contains a
covalently bound flavin. Enzymatically active as monomer
Subcellular location: Mitochondrion outer membrane; Single-pass type IV membrane protein; Cytoplasmic side
Mass spectrometry: Mass=60512; Mass_error=6; Method=Electrospray; Range=1-527; Source=PubMed:11812236;
5 PDB 3D structures from and Proteopedia for MAOA:
1H8Q (3D)        2BXR (3D)        2BXS (3D)        2Z5X (3D)        2Z5Y (3D)    
Secondary accessions: B4DF46 Q16426
Alternative splicing: 2 isoforms:  P21397-1   P21397-2   

Explore the universe of human proteins at neXtProt for MAOA: NX_P21397

Explore proteomics data for MAOA at MOPED 

Post-translational modifications:

  • View modification sites using PhosphoSitePlus
  • View neXtProt modification sites for NX_P21397

  • 4/22 DME Specific Peptides for MAOA (P21397) (see all 22)

    MAOA Protein expression data from MOPED1, PaxDb2 and MAXQB3 :    About this image 

    MAOA Protein Expression
    REFSEQ proteins (2 alternative transcripts): 
    NP_000231.1  NP_001257387.1  

    ENSEMBL proteins: 
     ENSP00000340684   ENSP00000440846  
    Reactome Protein details: P21397
    Human Recombinant Protein Products for MAOA: 
    Browse Purified and Recombinant Proteins at EMD Millipore
    Browse R&D Systems for human recombinant proteins
    Browse recombinant and purified proteins available from Enzo Life Sciences
    Browse OriGene full length recombinant human proteins expressed in human HEK293 cells
    OriGene Protein Over-expression Lysate for MAOA
    OriGene Custom MassSpec 
    OriGene Custom Protein Services for MAOA
    GenScript Custom Purified and Recombinant Proteins Services for MAOA
    Novus Biologicals MAOA Protein
    Novus Biologicals MAOA Lysates
    Sino Biological Recombinant Protein for MAOA
    Sino Biological Cell Lysate for MAOA 
    Browse ProSpec Recombinant Proteins
    Cloud-Clone Corp. Proteins for MAOA 

    Gene Ontology (GO): 3 cellular component terms (GO ID links to tree view):    About this table

    GO IDQualified GO termEvidencePubMed IDs
    GO:0005739mitochondrion ----
    GO:0005741mitochondrial outer membrane TAS--
    GO:0016021integral to membrane IEA--

    MAOA for ontologies           About GeneDecksing

    MAOA Antibody Products: 
    EMD Millipore Mono- and Polyclonal Antibodies for the study of MAOA
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    OriGene Antibodies for MAOA
    OriGene Custom Antibody Services for MAOA
    GenScript Custom Superior Antibodies Services for MAOA
    Novus Biologicals MAOA Antibodies
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    LSBio Antibodies in human, mouse, rat for MAOA 

    Assay Products for MAOA: 
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    GenScript Custom Assay Services for MAOA
    Browse Enzo Life Sciences for kits & assays
    Cloud-Clone Corp. ELISAs for MAOA 
    Cloud-Clone Corp. CLIAs for MAOA

    (According to HGNC, IUPHAR, InterPro, ProtoNet, UniProtKB, and/or BLOCKS, Sets of similar genes according to GeneDecks)
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    2 InterPro protein domains:
     IPR001613 Flavin_amine_oxidase
     IPR002937 Amino_oxidase

    Graphical View of Domain Structure for InterPro Entry P21397

    ProtoNet protein and cluster: P21397

    1 Blocks protein domain: IPB001613 Flavin-containing amine oxidase signature

    UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot: AOFA_HUMAN, P21397
    Similarity: Belongs to the flavin monoamine oxidase family

    MAOA for domains           About GeneDecksing

    (According to 1UniProtKB, Genatlas, LifeMap Discovery™, IUBMB, and/or 2DME, Human phenotypes from GenomeRNAi, Animal models from MGI Mar 06 2013, inGenious Targeting Laboratory, genOway,
    bound targets from SABiosciences, miRNA Gene Targets from miRTarBase, shRNA from OriGene, RNAi from EMD Millipore, siRNAs from OriGene, QIAGEN, microRNA from QIAGEN, Gene Editing from DNA2.0, Sirion Biotech, Clones from EMD Millipore, OriGene, SwitchGear Genomics, GenScript, Sino Biological, DNA2.0, Vector BioLabs, and Sirion Biotech, Cell Lines from GenScript, LifeMap BioReagents, In Situ Hybridization Assays from Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Ontologies according to Gene Ontology Consortium 01 Oct 2013 via Entrez Gene.)
    About This Section

    Molecular Function:

         UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot Summary: AOFA_HUMAN, P21397
    Function: Catalyzes the oxidative deamination of biogenic and xenobiotic amines and has important functions in the
    metabolism of neuroactive and vasoactive amines in the central nervous system and peripheral tissues. MAOA
    preferentially oxidizes biogenic amines such as 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT), norepinephrine and epinephrine
    Catalytic activity: RCH(2)NHR' + H(2)O + O(2) = RCHO + R'NH(2) + H(2)O(2)

         Genatlas biochemistry entry for MAOA:
    monoamine oxidase A,overexpressed in female panic disorders

         Enzyme Numbers (IUBMB): EC 2 EC 1.4.32

         Gene Ontology (GO): 3 molecular function terms (GO ID links to tree view):    About this table

    GO IDQualified GO termEvidencePubMed IDs
    GO:0008131primary amine oxidase activity TAS--
    GO:0016491oxidoreductase activity ----
    GO:0050660flavin adenine dinucleotide binding ----
    MAOA for ontologies           About GeneDecksing

         1 GenomeRNAi human phenotype for MAOA:
     Decreased viability 

         4 MGI mutant phenotypes (inferred from 2 alleles(MGI details for Maoa):
     behavior/neurological  cardiovascular system  homeostasis/metabolism  nervous system 

    MAOA for phenotypes           About GeneDecksing

    Animal Models:
         MGI mouse knock-out Maoatm1Shih for MAOA

       inGenious Targeting Laboratory - Custom generated mouse model solutions for MAOA 
       inGenious Targeting Laboratory - Custom generated inducible mouse model solutions for MAOA

       genOway customized KO model: permanent, tissue-specific or time-controlled inactivation for MAOA 
       genOway customized Knockin model: humanization, point mutation, expression monitoring, etc. for MAOA 

    miRTarBase miRNAs that target MAOA:
    hsa-mir-22 (MIRT005902)

    QIAGEN Custom miScript Target Protector blocks miRNA-binding site of human, mouse, rat MAOA
    8/13 QIAGEN miScript miRNA Assays for microRNAs that regulate MAOA (see all 13):
    hsa-miR-3163 hsa-miR-495 hsa-miR-767-3p hsa-miR-7-2* hsa-miR-1324 hsa-miR-3065-5p hsa-miR-624* hsa-miR-29b-1*
    SwitchGear 3'UTR luciferase reporter plasmidMAOA 3' UTR sequence
    Inhib. RNA
    Browse for Gene Knock-down Tools from EMD Millipore
    OriGene RNAi products in human, mouse, rat for MAOA
    QIAGEN FlexiTube/FlexiPlate siRNA for gene silencing in human, mouse, rat MAOA

    Gene Editing
    DNA2.0 Custom Protein Engineering Service for MAOA
    Sirion Biotech Customized adenovirus for overexpression of MAOA

    Browse Clones for the Expression of Recombinant Proteins Available from EMD Millipore
    OriGene clones in human, mouse for MAOA (see all 7)
    OriGene ORF clones in mouse, rat for MAOA
    OriGene custom cloning services - gene synthesis, subcloning, mutagenesis, variant library, vector shuttling
    GenScript: all cDNA clones in your preferred vector: MAOA (NM_000240)
    Sino Biological Human cDNA Clone for MAOA
    DNA2.0 Custom Codon Optimized Gene Synthesis Service for MAOA
    Vector BioLabs ready-to-use adenovirus/AAV for human, mouse, rat MAOA
    Sirion Biotech Customized lentivirus for stable overexpression of MAOA 
                         Customized lentivirus expression plasmids for stable overexpression of MAOA 

    Cell Line
    GenScript Custom overexpressing Cell Line Services for MAOA
    Search LifeMap BioReagents cell lines for MAOA
    In Situ Assay

    Advanced Cell Diagnostics RNAscope RNA in situ hybridization assays for MAOA

    (Pathways according to EMD Millipore, R&D Systems, Cell Signaling Technology, KEGG, PharmGKB, BioSystems, Sino Biological, Reactome, Tocris Bioscience, GeneGo (Thomson Reuters), QIAGEN, and/or UniProtKB, Sets of similar genes according to GeneDecks, Interaction Networks according to SABiosciences, and/or STRING, Interactions according to 1UniProtKB, 2MINT, 3I2D, and/or 4STRING, with links to IntAct and Ensembl, Ontologies according to Gene Ontology Consortium 01 Oct 2013 via Entrez Gene).
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    SuperPaths for MAOA About   (see all 25)                                                                                              See pathways by source

    SuperPathContained pathways About
    1melatonin degradation II
    Metabolism of serotonin0.50
    melatonin degradation II0.50
    Monoamines are oxidized to aldehydes by MAOA and MAOB, producing NH3 and H2O20.50
    Amine Oxidase reactions0.50
    Serotonin clearance from the synaptic cleft0.50
    dopamine degradation0.33
    Metabolic pathways0.40
    3phenylalanine utilization
    phenylalanine degradation IV (mammalian, via side chain)0.70
    putrescine degradation III0.33
    phenylalanine utilization0.70
    noradrenaline and adrenaline degradation0.31
    4Enzymatic degradation of dopamine by COMT
    Enzymatic degradation of dopamine by COMT0.67
    Enzymatic degradation of Dopamine by monoamine oxidase0.67
    Dopamine clearance from the synaptic cleft0.67
    Neurotransmitter Clearance In The Synaptic Cleft0.43
    5tryptophan utilization II
    tryptophan utilization II0.70
    serotonin degradation0.36
    tryptophan utilization I0.70

    Pathways by source                                                                                                                                                                 See SuperPaths
    Show all pathways

    1 EMD Millipore Pathway for MAOA
        Tyrosine metabolism p.1 (dopamine)

    1 GeneGo (Thomson Reuters) Pathway for MAOA
        Tyrosine metabolism p.1 (dopamine)

    5/13 BioSystems Pathways for MAOA (see all 13)
        Biogenic Amine Synthesis
    SIDS Susceptibility Pathways
    Oxidative Stress
    dopamine degradation
    noradrenaline and adrenaline degradation

    5/15        Reactome Pathways for MAOA (see all 15)
        Enzymatic degradation of dopamine by COMT
    Metabolism of serotonin
    Serotonin clearance from the synaptic cleft
    Enzymatic degradation of Dopamine by monoamine oxidase
    Transmission across Chemical Synapses

    1 PharmGKB Pathway for MAOA
        Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor Pathway, Pharmacodynamics

    5/13         Kegg Pathways  (Kegg details for MAOA) (see all 13):
        Glycine, serine and threonine metabolism
    Arginine and proline metabolism
    Histidine metabolism
    Tyrosine metabolism
    Phenylalanine metabolism

    MAOA for pathways           About GeneDecksing


        SABiosciences Gene Network CentralTM Interacting Genes and Proteins Network for MAOA

    STRING Interaction Network Preview (showing 5 interactants - click image to see 25)

    5/79 Interacting proteins for MAOA (P213972, 3 ENSP000003406844) via UniProtKB, MINT, STRING, and/or I2D (see all 79)
    InteractantInteraction Details
    GeneCardExternal ID(s)
    UBCP0CG483, ENSP000003448184I2D: score=1 STRING: ENSP00000344818
    NDRG1Q925973, ENSP000003199774I2D: score=3 STRING: ENSP00000319977
    ATP6V1B2P212812, ENSP000002763904MINT-4054731 STRING: ENSP00000276390
    YWHABP319463I2D: score=1 
    About this table

    Gene Ontology (GO): 5/10 biological process terms (GO ID links to tree view) (see all 10):    About this table

    GO IDQualified GO termEvidencePubMed IDs
    GO:0006576cellular biogenic amine metabolic process TAS8211186
    GO:0006805xenobiotic metabolic process TAS--
    GO:0007268synaptic transmission TAS--
    GO:0007269neurotransmitter secretion TAS--
    GO:0007610behavior TAS8211186

    MAOA for ontologies           About GeneDecksing

    (Chemical Compounds according to UniProtKB, Enzo Life Sciences, EMD Millipore, Tocris Bioscience HMDB, BitterDB, and/or Novoseek, Ligands according to IUPHAR, and Drugs according to DrugBank, Enzo Life Sciences, and/or PharmGKB, with drugs/clinical trials/news search links to CenterWatch)
    About This Section

    MAOA for compounds           About GeneDecksing

    Browse Small Molecules at EMD Millipore
    Browse drugs & compounds from Enzo Life Sciences

    Compounds for MAOA available from Tocris Bioscience    About this table
    CompoundAction CAS #
    Rasagiline mesylate Selective, irreversible MAO-B inhibitor [161735-79-1]
    (R)-(-)-Deprenyl hydrochlorideMAO-B inhibitor[14611-52-0]
    MoclobemideReversible MAO-A inhibitor[71320-77-9]
    Lazabemide hydrochlorideSelective MAO-B inhibitor[103878-83-7]
    Bifemelane hydrochlorideMAO-A and MAO-B inhibitor[90293-01-9]

    10/43 HMDB Compounds for MAOA (see all 43)    About this table
    CompoundSynonyms CAS #PubMed Ids
    1-Methylhistamine1-Methyl-1H-imidazole-4-ethanamine (see all 21)501-75-7--
    1-Phenylethylaminea-phenylethylamine (see all 17)98-84-0--
    3,4-Dihydroxymandelaldehyde3,4-Dihydroxyphenylglycolaldehyde (see all 4)13023-73-9--
    3,4-DihydroxyphenylacetaldehydeProtocatechuatealdehyde (see all 2)5707-55-1--
    3-Methoxy-4-hydroxyphenylglycolaldehydea,4-dihydroxy-3-methoxy-Benzeneacetaldehyde (see all 4)17592-23-3--
    3-Methoxytyramine3-Methoxy-4-hydroxyphenylethyl amine (see all 7)554-52-9--
    4,6-Dihydroxyquinoline4,6-Quinolinediol (see all 2)3517-61-1--
    5-Hydroxyindoleacetaldehyde(5-hydroxy-1H-indol-3-yl)acetaldehyde (see all 6)1892-21-3--
    5-Hydroxykynurenamine5-Hydroxykynuramine (see all 3)708-23-6--
    5-Methoxytryptamine2-(5-Methoxy-1H-indol-3-yl)ethanamine (see all 10)608-07-1--

    10/37 DrugBank Compounds for MAOA (see all 37)    About this table
    CompoundSynonyms CAS #TypeActionsPubMed Ids
    Tranylcypromine-- 155-09-9targetinhibitor12504917 8749840 15351283 15276688 10548268 14574774 11752352 20655983 16495723 10027835 15049511 10494892 9829163
    Phenelzine-- 51-71-8targetantagonist17768678 17912044 14574774 11752352 7092487 19201819 16370964 18700056 9829163
    enzymesubstrate17768678 17912044 14574774 11752352 7092487 19201819 16370964 18700056 9829163 17768678
    PargylineBenzyl-methyl-2-propinylamin (see all 12)555-57-7targetinhibitor19300583 17823646 9564606 477738 16641841 17715422
    Phentermine-- 122-09-8targetantagonist11911838 11673765 10799660 10231134
    enzymeinhibitor11911838 11673765 10799660 10231134 11911838 10799660
    Moclobemide4-Chlor-N-(2-morpholinoethyl)benzamid (see all 11)71320-77-9targetinhibitor1705137 8875133 11752352
    enzymeinhibitor1705137 8875133 11752352 11752352
    SelegilineL-Deprenalin (see all 4)14611-51-9targetinhibitor19300583 17823646 16641841 17715422
    Almotriptan-- 181183-52-8enzymesubstrate12353056 12642466 15762767
    DopamineDopamin (see all 6)51-61-6enzymesubstrate15817751 18652859 20869994
    Flavin-Adenine Dinucleotide-- 146-14-5target--17139284 17016423 10592235
    FurazolidoneNitrofurazolidone (see all 3)67-45-8enzymeinhibitor12623758 2032659 10543364

    10/133 Novoseek inferred chemical compound relationships for MAOA gene (see all 133)    About this table
    Compound   -log (P-Val)   Hits   PubMed IDs for Articles with Shared Sentences (# sentences)
    maoa 98.5 1084 17692293 (10), 19224413 (8), 11927135 (8), 15936529 (8) (see all 99)
    moclobemide 94.9 153 1546132 (5), 8612391 (3), 9663810 (3), 9174681 (3) (see all 99)
    clorgyline 91.8 98 1741773 (4), 9564606 (3), 1893487 (3), 8243537 (2) (see all 54)
    brofaromine 90.8 33 8430214 (4), 1967018 (2), 8313400 (2), 8313393 (2) (see all 22)
    befloxatone 90.4 36 8613928 (8), 12729662 (3), 7665725 (2), 9728902 (2) (see all 15)
    kynuramine 89.7 14 20504539 (1), 8990278 (1), 16139309 (1), 8443155 (1) (see all 12)
    toloxatone 88.5 10 1546145 (2), 1705137 (2), 1424410 (2), 8713690 (1) (see all 6)
    tyramine 85.5 68 17561096 (4), 8255365 (3), 8695909 (2), 7665725 (2) (see all 37)
    pirlindole 83.5 16 8953568 (3), 9564636 (2), 12781338 (2), 9272198 (2) (see all 7)
    1-phenylcyclopropylamine 81.4 3 15755651 (1), 15848762 (1)

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    (Secondary structures according to fRNAdb,
    GenBank/EMBL/DDBJ Accessions according to
    Unigene (Build 236 Homo sapiens; Apr 25 2013) or GenBank,
    RefSeq according to Entrez Gene,
    DOTS (version 10), and/or AceView, transcript ids from Ensembl with links to UCSC,
    Conferences by KenesGroup, exon structure from GeneLoc, alternative splicing isoforms according to ASD and/or ECgene,
    RNAi Products from EMD Millipore,
    siRNAs from OriGene, QIAGEN, shRNA from OriGene, microRNA from QIAGEN,
    Tagged/untagged cDNA clones from OriGene, SwitchGear Genomics, GenScript, DNA2.0, Vector BioLabs, Sirion Biotech, Primers from OriGene, SABiosciences, and/or QIAGEN )
    About This Section

    REFSEQ mRNAs for MAOA gene (2 alternative transcripts): 
    NM_000240.3  NM_001270458.1  

    Unigene Cluster for MAOA:

    Monoamine oxidase A
    Hs.183109  [show with all ESTs]
    Unigene Representative Sequence: NM_001270458
    4 Ensembl transcripts including schematic representations, and UCSC links where relevant:
    ENST00000338702(uc004dfy.3 uc011mkw.2) ENST00000497485 ENST00000490604
    Congresses - knowledge worth sharing:  
    European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) 10 - 13 May 2014

    QIAGEN Custom miScript Target Protector blocks miRNA-binding site of human, mouse, rat MAOA
    8/13 QIAGEN miScript miRNA Assays for microRNAs that regulate MAOA (see all 13):
    hsa-miR-3163 hsa-miR-495 hsa-miR-767-3p hsa-miR-7-2* hsa-miR-1324 hsa-miR-3065-5p hsa-miR-624* hsa-miR-29b-1*
    SwitchGear 3'UTR luciferase reporter plasmidMAOA 3' UTR sequence
    Inhib. RNA
    Browse for Gene Knock-down Tools from EMD Millipore
    OriGene RNAi products in human, mouse, rat for MAOA
    QIAGEN FlexiTube/FlexiPlate siRNA for gene silencing in human, mouse, rat MAOA
    OriGene clones in human, mouse for MAOA (see all 7)
    OriGene ORF clones in mouse, rat for MAOA
    OriGene custom cloning services - gene synthesis, subcloning, mutagenesis, variant library, vector shuttling
    GenScript: all cDNA clones in your preferred vector: MAOA (NM_000240)
    DNA2.0 Custom Codon Optimized Gene Synthesis Service for MAOA
    Vector BioLabs ready-to-use adenovirus/AAV for human, mouse, rat MAOA
    Sirion Biotech Customized lentivirus for stable overexpression of MAOA 
                         Customized lentivirus expression plasmids for stable overexpression of MAOA 
    OriGene qPCR primer pairs and template standards for MAOA
    OriGene qSTAR qPCR primer pairs in human, mouse for MAOA
    SABiosciences RT2 qPCR Primer Assay in human, mouse, rat MAOA
      QIAGEN QuantiTect SYBR Green Assays in human, mouse, rat MAOA
      QIAGEN QuantiFast Probe-based Assays in human, mouse, rat MAOA

    Additional mRNA sequence: 

    AK123241.1 AK223499.1 AK291769.1 AK293926.1 BC008064.2 BC044787.1 BT006651.1 M68840.1 

    11 DOTS entries:

    DT.95120451  DT.87015236  DT.101981844  DT.100025285  DT.100825058  DT.121278195  DT.100708824  DT.121278204 
    DT.95120454  DT.100718004  DT.70102839 

    24/267 AceView cDNA sequences (see all 267):

    AA659255 BM923944 AI915791 BX952460 CB162010 AI674356 AI088940 AI335934 
    CA444528 AI890731 R10233 AI159812 H82430 BM669916 NM_000240 R97085 
    AI313440 AI624415 CD671543 AW630749 N29331 BQ720697 BQ027513 F02245 

    GeneLoc Exon Structure

    (RNA expression data according to H-InvDB, NONCODE, miRBase, and RNAdb, Expression images according to data from BioGPS, Illumina Human BodyMap, and CGAP SAGE, Sets of similar genes according to GeneDecks, in vivo and in vitro expression data from LifeMap Discovery™, plus additional links to Genevestigator, and/or SOURCE, and/or BioGPS, and/or UniProtKB,
    PCR Arrays from SABiosciences, Primers from OriGene, SABiosciences, and/or QIAGEN, In Situ Hybridization Assays from Advanced Cell Diagnostics)
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    MAOA expression in normal human tissues (normalized intensities)      MAOA embryonic expression: see
    See probesets specificity/sensitivity at GeneAnnot
    About this imageBioGPS <intensity>2/3
    MAOA Expression
    About this image

    MAOA expression in embryonic tissues and stem cells    About this table
    Data from LifeMap, the Embryonic Development and Stem Cells Database 
     5/46 selected tissues (see all 46) fully expand
     Brain (Nervous System)    fully expand to see all 9 entries
             Cerebral Cortex
             ganglion/cranial/vagus X   
     Lung (Respiratory System)    fully expand to see all 7 entries
             Stem Bronchi
             lung ; pneumocytes   
             vagina ; squamous epithelial cells   
     Bone (Muscoskeletal System)    fully expand to see all 6 entries
             TGFbeta3+BMP7-induced chondrocytes
             sensory organ/ear/inner ear   
     Adipose (Muscoskeletal System)    fully expand to see all 6 entries
             HyStem+BMP4-induced E15 cells
             Human Preadipocyte-visceral (HPA-v)   

    See MAOA Protein Expression from SPIRE MOPED and PaxDB
    Genevestigator expression for MAOA

    SOURCE GeneReport for Unigene cluster: Hs.183109

    UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot: AOFA_HUMAN, P21397
    Tissue specificity: Heart, liver, duodenum, blood vessels and kidney

        SABiosciences Expression via Pathway-Focused PCR Arrays including MAOA: 
              Amino Acid Metabolism II in human mouse rat
              Drug Metabolism: Phase I Enzymes in human mouse rat
              Molecular Toxicology PathwayFinder 384HT in human mouse rat

    OriGene qPCR primer pairs and template standards for MAOA
    OriGene qSTAR qPCR primer pairs in human, mouse for MAOA
    SABiosciences RT2 qPCR Primer Assay in human, mouse, rat MAOA
    QIAGEN QuantiTect SYBR Green Assays in human, mouse, rat MAOA
    QIAGEN QuantiFast Probe-based Assays in human, mouse, rat MAOA
    In Situ
    Assay Products:

    Advanced Cell Diagnostics RNAscope RNA in situ hybridization assays for MAOA

    (Orthologs according to 1,2HomoloGene (2older version, for species not in 1newer version), 3euGenes, 4SGD , 5MGI Mar 06 2013, with possible further links to Flybase and/or WormBase, and/or 6Ensembl pan taxonomic compara , Gene Trees according to Ensembl and TreeFam)
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    This gene was present in the common ancestor of chordates.

    Orthologs for MAOA gene from 4/10 species (see all 10)    About this table
    Organism Taxonomic
    Gene Description Human
    (Mus musculus)
    Mammalia Maoa1 , 5 monoamine oxidase A1, 5 85.19(n)1
      X (11.78 cM)5
    171611  NM_173740.31  NP_776101.31 
    (Gallus gallus)
    Aves MAOA6
    monoamine oxidase A
    1 ↔ 1
    (Anolis carolinensis)
    Reptilia MAOA6
    monoamine oxidase A
    1 ↔ 1
    (Danio rerio)
    Actinopterygii mao6
    1 ↔ many
    possible ortholog

    ENSEMBL Gene Tree for MAOA (if available)
    TreeFam Gene Tree for MAOA (if available)

    (Paralogs according to 1HomoloGene,
    2Ensembl, and 3SIMAP, Pseudogenes according to Build 68)
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    Paralogs for MAOA gene
    1 SIMAP similar gene for MAOA using alignment to 7 protein entries:     AOFA_HUMAN (see all proteins):

    MAOA for paralogs           About GeneDecksing

    (SNPs/Variants according to the 1NCBI SNP Database, 2Ensembl, 3PupaSUITE, 4UniProtKB, and DNA2.0, Linkage Disequilibrium by HapMap, Structural Variations(CNVs/InDels/Inversions) from the Database of Genomic Variants, Mutations from the Human Gene Mutation Database (HGMD) and the Locus Specific Mutation Databases (LSDB), Blood group antigen gene mutations by BGMUT, Resequencing Primers from QIAGEN, Cancer Mutation PCR Arrays and Assays and Copy Number PCR Arrays from SABiosciences)
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    UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot: AOFA_HUMAN, P21397
    Polymorphism: A polymorphism 1.2 kb upstream of the MAOA coding sequences consists of a 30-bp repeated sequence
    present in 3, 3.5, 4, or 5 copies. The polymorphism affect transcriptional activity of the MAOA gene promoter.
    Alleles with 3.5 or 4 copies of the repeat sequence are transcribed 2 to 10 times more efficiently than those
    with 3 or 5 copies of the repeat

    10/1109 SNPs in MAOA are shown (see all 1109)    About this table     
    Genomic DataTranscription Related DataAllele Frequencies
    SNP IDValidClinical
    Chr X posSequence#AA
    A breast cancer sample4--see VAR_0365452 D E mis40--------
    Cpathogenic143591031(+) TAATTC/TAGCGG 4 Q * stg10--------
    --43512260(+) AGGATC/TGAGGC 2 -- us2k10--------
    C,F--43512290(+) caGTCA/GGCCTC 2 -- us2k12Minor allele frequency- G:0.00WA CSA 3
    C,F--43512293(+) TCGGCT/CTCAGC 2 -- us2k12Minor allele frequency- C:0.00WA CSA 3
    C,F,A,H--43512302(+) GCAGCC/GTTGTC 2 -- us2k110Minor allele frequency- G:0.32NA WA CSA 19
    --43512369(+) TTTTTC/TCTACC 2 -- us2k10--------
    C,F--43512512(+) ACATTC/TGTCAG 2 -- us2k11Minor allele frequency- T:0.00CSA 1
    --43512744(+) GATTTC/TTTCAT 2 -- us2k10--------
    --43512882(+) CATATG/TTCTTT 2 -- us2k10--------

    HapMap Linkage Disequilibrium report for MAOA (43515409 - 43606068 bp)

    Structural Variations
         Database of Genomic Variants (DGV) 2 variations for MAOA:    About this table     
    Variant IDTypeSubtypePubMed ID
    esv21483CNV Gain19812545
    nsv517873CNV Gain19592680

    Human Gene Mutation Database (HGMD): MAOA

    Locus Specific Mutation Databases (LSDB): MAOA
    SABiosciences Cancer Mutation PCR Assays
    SeqTarget long-range PCR primers for resequencing MAOA
    DNA2.0 Custom Variant and Variant Library Synthesis for MAOA

    (in which this Gene is Involved, According to MalaCards, OMIM, UniProtKB, the University of Copenhagen DISEASES database, Conferences by KenesGroup, Novoseek, Genatlas, GeneTests, GAD, HuGE Navigator, and/or TGDB.)
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    OMIM gene information: 309850   
    OMIM disorders: 300615  
    UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot: AOFA_HUMAN, P21397
  • Brunner syndrome (BRUNS) [MIM:300615]: A form of X-linked non-dysmorphic mild mental retardation. Male
    patients are affected by borderline mental retardation and exhibit abnormal behavior, including disturbed
    regulation of impulsive aggression. Obligate female carriers have normal intelligence and behavior. Note=The
    disease is caused by mutations affecting the gene represented in this entry

  • 20/107 diseases for MAOA (see all 107):    About MalaCards
    social phobia    antisocial personality disorder    postpartum depression    substance abuse
    avoidant personality disorder    maoa-related behavior disorders    brunner syndrome    personality disorder
    conduct disorder    paranoid schizophrenia    serotonin syndrome    borderline personality disorder
    melancholia    hepatic encephalopathy    novelty seeking personality    post-traumatic stress disorder
    exhibitionism    severe pre-eclampsia    specific phobia    anxiety disorder

    13 diseases from the University of Copenhagen DISEASES database for MAOA:
    Parkinson's disease     Anxiety disorder     Antisocial personality disorder     Conduct disorder
    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder     Endogenous depression     Schizophrenia     Toxic encephalopathy
    Melancholia     Alcohol dependence     Avoidant personality disorder     Borderline personality disorder

    MAOA for disorders           About GeneDecksing

    Congresses - knowledge worth sharing:  
    Alzheimer's & Parkinson's Diseases Congress (ADPD) 18 - 22 March 2015

    10/76 Novoseek inferred disease relationships for MAOA gene (see all 76)    About this table

    Disease   -log (P-Val)   Hits   PubMed IDs for Articles with Shared Sentences (# sentences)
    antisocial behavior 75.8 57 17008143 (4), 18023041 (3), 19120058 (3), 10359483 (2) (see all 20)
    borderline mental retardation 74.5 3 8776592 (1), 9326944 (1), 8613523 (1)
    antisocial personality disorder 65.4 32 12824808 (5), 17007976 (3), 10049583 (2), 20175604 (2) (see all 10)
    major depression 64.7 65 18337637 (4), 10564737 (4), 17884271 (4), 9179504 (3) (see all 28)
    aggressive behavior 63 36 15817751 (3), 15211623 (2), 18996506 (2), 17657171 (2) (see all 22)
    crisis hypertensive 59.4 7 17554106 (1), 9829163 (1), 14697896 (1), 19527191 (1)
    attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder 55.8 15 17230031 (2), 8862874 (1), 12140786 (1), 19309535 (1) (see all 13)
    bipolar disorder 53.7 47 10402508 (4), 8776592 (3), 9342194 (3), 16958037 (3) (see all 21)
    phobia social 53.6 8 8313403 (2), 10361959 (1), 8619339 (1), 9534836 (1) (see all 5)
    parkinson disease 52.5 32 7593732 (3), 17044053 (2), 8358501 (2), 9579294 (2) (see all 22)

    Genetic Association Database (GAD): MAOA
    Human Genome Epidemiology (HuGE) Navigator: MAOA (290 documents)

    Export disorders for MAOA gene to outside databases

    (in PubMed. Associations of this gene to articles via 1Entrez Gene, 2UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, 3HGNC, 4GAD, 5PharmGKB, 6HMDB, 7DrugBank, 8UniProtKB/TrEMBL, 9 Novoseek, and/or 10fRNAdb)
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    PubMed articles for MAOA gene, integrated from 9 sources (see all 1095) (see top 10):
    (articles sorted by number of sources associating them with MAOA)
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    world of online information

    1. A non-additive interaction of a functional MAO-A VNTR and testosterone predicts antisocial behavior. (PubMed id 17429405)1, 4, 7, 9 Sjoberg R.L....Goldman D. (2008)
    2. Early trauma and increased risk for physical aggression during adulthood: the moderating role of MAOA genotype. (PubMed id 17534436)1, 4, 9 Frazzetto G....Troisi A. (2007)
    3. A promoter polymorphism in the monoamine oxidase A gene is associated with the pineal MAOA activity in Alzheimer's disease patients. (PubMed id 17692293)1, 4, 9 Wu Y.H....Swaab D.F. (2007)
    4. [Association study of the polymorphisms of monoamine oxidase A genes with schizophrenia] (PubMed id 17680543)1, 4, 9 Shi Y.Z....Lou B.Y. (2007)
    5. Three-dimensional structure of human monoamine oxidase A (MAO A): relation to the structures of rat MAO A and human MAO B. (PubMed id 16129825)1, 2, 9 De Colibus L.... Mattevi A. (2005)
    6. Analysis of monoamine oxidase A (MAOA) promoter polymorphism in Finnish male alcoholics. (PubMed id 11927135)1, 4, 9 Saito T....Tiihonen J. (2002)
    7. Structure of human monoamine oxidase A at 2.2-A resolution: the control of opening the entry for substrates/inhibitors. (PubMed id 18391214)1, 2, 9 Son S.-Y.... Tsukihara T. (2008)
    8. Effects of MAOA-genotype, alcohol consumption, and aging on violent behavior. (PubMed id 19120058)1, 4, 9 Tikkanen R....Virkkunen M. (2009)
    9. The development of peripartum depressive symptoms is associated with gene polymorphisms of MAOA, 5-HTT and COMT. (PubMed id 19625011)1, 4, 9 Doornbos B....Korf J. (2009)
    10. MAOA gene polymorphisms and response to mirtazapine in major depression. (PubMed id 19382113)1, 4, 9 Tzeng D.S....Yang C.Y. (2009)
    11. Monoamine oxidase A genotype predicts human serotonin 1A receptor availability in vivo. (PubMed id 18971477)1, 4, 9 Mickey B.J....Zubieta J.K. (2008)
    12. MAOA, maltreatment, and gene-environment interaction predicting children's mental health: new evidence and a meta-analysis. (PubMed id 16801953)1, 4, 9 Kim-Cohen J....Moffitt T.E. (2006)
    13. MAOA promoter polymorphism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in indian children. (PubMed id 16856146)1, 4, 9 Das M....Mukhopadhyay K. (2006)
    14. Cluster B personality disorders are associated with allelic variation of monoamine oxidase A activity. (PubMed id 15870836)1, 4, 9 Jacob C.P....Lesch K.P. (2005)
    15. Telomeric length varies with age and polymorphisms of the MAOA gene promoter in peripheral blood cells obtained from a community in Taiwan. (PubMed id 15722955)1, 4, 9 Lung F.W....Shu B.C. (2005)
    16. Gene-gene interaction between MAOA and COMT in suicidal behavior. (PubMed id 15936529)1, 4, 9 De Luca V....Kennedy J.L. (2005)
    17. Association of variations in monoamine oxidases A and B with Parkinson's disease subgroups. (PubMed id 14962671)1, 4, 9 Parsian A....Perlmutter J.S. (2004)
    18. Analysis of monoamine oxidase A (MAO-A) promoter polymorphism in male heroin-dependent subjects: behavioural and personality correlates. (PubMed id 15088154)1, 4, 9 Gerra G....Donnini C. (2004)
    19. A regulatory monoamine oxidase a promoter polymorphism and personality traits. (PubMed id 12566936)1, 4, 9 Garpenstrand H....Jonsson E.G. (2002)
    20. No association of the MAOA gene with alcoholism among Han Chinese males in Taiwan. (PubMed id 11999895)1, 4, 9 Lu R.B....Shih J.C. (2002)
    21. Promoter organization and activity of human monoamine oxidase (MAO) A and B genes. (PubMed id 1432104)1, 2, 9 Zhu Q.S.... Shih J.C. (1992)
    22. Structure of the human gene for monoamine oxidase type A. (PubMed id 1886775)1, 2, 9 Chen Z.-Y.... Hsu Y.-P.P. (1991)
    23. Monoamine oxidase A and childhood adversity as risk factors for conduct disorder in females. (PubMed id 18752729)1, 4, 9 Prom-Wormley E.C....Silberg J.L. (2008)
    24. Association analysis of monoamine oxidase A gene and bipolar affective disorder in Han Chinese. (PubMed id 18501009)1, 4, 9 Lin Y.M....Sun H.S. (2008)
    25. Possible interaction between MAOA and DRD2 genes associated with antisocial alcoholism among Han Chinese men in Taiwan. (PubMed id 17007976)1, 4, 9 Wang T.J....Lu R.B. (2007)
    26. The monoamine oxidase A (MAO-A) gene, family function and maltreatment as predictors of destructive behaviour during male adolescent alcohol consumption. (PubMed id 17298646)1, 4, 9 Nilsson K.W....Oreland L. (2007)
    27. MAOA and the 'cycle of violence:' childhood abuse and neglect, MAOA genotype, and risk for violent and antisocial behavior. (PubMed id 16814261)1, 4, 9 Widom C.S. and Brzustowicz L.M. (2006)
    28. A functional polymorphism in the MAOA gene promoter (MAOA-LPR) predicts central dopamine function and body mass index. (PubMed id 16770335)1, 4, 9 Ducci F....Goldman D. (2006)
    29. Monoamine oxidase A (MAOA) and antisocial behaviors in the presence of childhood and adolescent maltreatment. (PubMed id 15806601)1, 4, 9 Haberstick B.C....Hewitt J.K. (2005)
    30. Association analysis of monoamine oxidase A and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. (PubMed id 12497620)1, 4, 9 Lawson D.C....Thapar A. (2003)
    31. Meta-analysis of the association between the monoamin e oxidase-A gene and mood disorders. (PubMed id 20010318)1, 4, 9 Fan M....Zhang J. (2010)
    32. Association of VNTR polymorphisms in the MAOA promote r and DRD4 exon 3 with heroin dependence in male Chinese addicts. (PubMed id 20218801)1, 4, 9 Chien C.C....Lung F.W. (2010)
    33. Monoamine oxidase A gene (MAOA) predicts behavioral aggression following provocation. (PubMed id 19168625)1, 4, 9 McDermott R....Johnson D.D. (2009)
    34. Association between monoamine oxidase (MAO)-A gene va riants and schizophrenia in a Chinese population. (PubMed id 19573521)1, 4, 9 Qiu H.T....Zhang X.Y. (2009)
    35. Neither single-marker nor haplotype analyses support an association between monoamine oxidase A gene and bipolar disorder. (PubMed id 18437281)1, 4, 9 Huang S.Y....Lu R.B. (2008)
    36. Differential association between MAOA, ADHD and neuropsychological functioning in boys and girls. (PubMed id 18726986)1, 4, 9 Rommelse N.N....Franke B. (2008)
    37. Interaction between a functional MAOA locus and childhood sexual abuse predicts alcoholism and antisocial personality disorder in adult women. (PubMed id 17592478)1, 4, 9 Ducci F....Goldman D. (2008)
    38. Sexually dimorphic effects of four genes (COMT, SLC6A2, MAOA, SLC6A4) in genetic associations of ADHD: a preliminary study. (PubMed id 18937309)1, 4, 9 Biederman J....Faraone S.V. (2008)
    39. Association of MAO-A variant with complicated grief in major depression. (PubMed id 18337637)1, 4, 9 Kersting A....Domschke K. (2007)
    40. Convergent genetic modulation of the endocrine stress response involves polymorphic variations of 5-HTT, COMT and MAOA. (PubMed id 17453062)1, 4, 9 Jabbi M....den Boer J.A. (2007)
    41. The MAOA promoter polymorphism, disruptive behavior disorders, and early onset substance use disorder: gene-environment interaction. (PubMed id 18075472)1, 4, 9 Vanyukov M.M....Ferrell R.E. (2007)
    42. Childhood maltreatment, subsequent antisocial behavior, and the role of monoamine oxidase A genotype. (PubMed id 17008143)1, 4, 9 Huizinga D....Hewitt J.K. (2006)
    43. No allele variation of the MAOA gene promoter in male Chinese subjects with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. (PubMed id 17230031)1, 4, 9 Lung F.W....Kao W.T. (2006)
    44. [Association of functional genes polymorphisms of key enzymes in the metabolism of biogenic amines with paranoid schizophrenia susceptibility and the influence of these polymorphisms on PANSS results in antipsychotic treatment] (PubMed id 17217235)1, 4, 9 Tybura P....Samochowiec J. (2006)
    45. Monoamine oxidases A and B gene polymorphisms in migraine patients. (PubMed id 15694196)1, 4, 9 Filic V....Jernej B. (2005)
    46. No association between monoamine oxidase A promoter polymorphism and personality traits in Japanese females. (PubMed id 16139427)1, 4, 9 Hakamata Y....Inada T. (2005)
    47. Polymorphisms in the MAOA, MAOB, and COMT genes and aggressive behavior in schizophrenia. (PubMed id 15211623)1, 4, 9 Zammit S....Owen M.J. (2004)
    48. Neither antisocial personality disorder nor antisocial alcoholism is associated with the MAO-A gene in Han Chinese males. (PubMed id 12824808)1, 4, 9 Lu R.B....Shih J.C. (2003)
    49. Association analysis of MAOA and COMT with neuroticism assessed by peers. (PubMed id 12815746)1, 4, 9 Eley T.C....Craig I. (2003)
    50. Human monoamine oxidase A and B genes exhibit identical exon-intron organization. (PubMed id 2023912)1, 2, 9 Grimsby J.... Shih J.C. (1991)
    51. MAOA is associated with methylphenidate improvement of oppositional symptoms in boys with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. (PubMed id 19309535)1, 4, 9 GuimarALes A.P....Hutz M.H. (2009)
    52. Negative emotionality: monoamine oxidase B gene varia nts modulate personality traits in healthy humans. (PubMed id 19657584)1, 4, 9 Dlugos Wit H. (2009)
    53. Reduced amygdala-prefrontal coupling in major depression: association with MAOA genotype and illness severity. (PubMed id 18544183)1, 4, 9 Dannlowski U....Suslow T. (2008)
    54. Further evidence of MAO-A gene variants associated with bipolar disorder. (PubMed id 16958037)1, 4, 9 Muller D.J....Kennedy J.L. (2007)
    55. Monoamine oxidase-A polymorphisms might modify the association between the dopamine D2 receptor gene and alcohol dependence. (PubMed id 17476365)1, 4, 9 Huang S.Y....Lu R.B. (2007)
    56. Polymorphisms of dopamine degradation enzyme (COMT and MAO) genes and tardive dyskinesia in patients with schizophrenia. (PubMed id 15261699)1, 4, 9 Matsumoto C....Nakamura J. (2004)
    57. Association of a MAOA gene variant with generalized anxiety disorder, but not with panic disorder or major depression. (PubMed id 12555227)1, 4, 9 Tadic A....Dahmen N. (2003)
    58. Functional variation in promoter region of monoamine oxidase A and subtypes of alcoholism: haplotype analysis. (PubMed id 12555234)1, 4, 9 Parsian A....Zhang Z.H. (2003)
    59. No evidence of an association between a functional monoamine oxidase a gene polymorphism and completed suicides. (PubMed id 11920860)1, 4, 9 Ono H....Maeda K. (2002)
    60. MAO-A and COMT polymorphisms and gene effects in narcolepsy. (PubMed id 11443519)1, 4, 9 Dauvilliers Y....Tafti M. (2001)
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    65. A community-based study of cigarette smoking behavior in relation to variation in three genes involved in dopamine metabolism: Catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT), dopamine beta-hydroxylase (DBH) and monoamine oxidase-A (MAO-A). (PubMed id 18486967)1, 4, 9 Shiels M.S....Alberg A.J. (2008)
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    79. Association study of the serotoninergic system in mig raine in the Spanish population. (PubMed id 19455600)1, 4, 9 Corominas R....Cormand B. (2010)
    80. Gene-gene interaction between COMT and MAOA potential ly predicts the intelligence of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder boys i n China. (PubMed id 19941049)1, 4, 9 Qian Q.J....Faraone S.V. (2010)
    81. Frequencies of genetic polymorphisms related to tript ans metabolism in chronic migraine. (PubMed id 20213484)1, 4, 9 Gentile G....Martelletti P. (2010)
    82. Associations between polymorphisms in dopamine neurot ransmitter pathway genes and pain response in healthy humans. (PubMed id 19796878)1, 4, 9 Treister R....Eisenberg E. (2009)
    83. No evidence for association between an MAOA functional polymorphism and susceptibility to Parkinson's disease. (PubMed id 19267171)1, 4, 9 Williams-Gray C....Barker R.A. (2009)
    84. [Association study of intelligence of attention defic it hyperactivity disorder children in China] (PubMed id 19727210)1, 4, 9 Qian Q.J....Liu L. (2009)
    85. Sex-specific interaction between MAOA promoter polymo rphism and Apo epsilon 2 allele in major depressive disorder in the Chinese pop ulation. (PubMed id 19859025)1, 4, 9 Lin C.H....Lung F.W. (2009)
    86. Resequencing of serotonin-related genes and association of tagging SNPs to citalopram response. (PubMed id 19077664)1, 4, 9 Peters E.J....Hamilton S.P. (2009)
    87. Single nucleotide polymorphisms in obesity-related ge nes and all-cause and cause-specific mortality: a prospective cohort study. (PubMed id 19818126)1, 4, 9 Gallicchio L....Helzlsouer K.J. (2009)
    88. MAOA-uVNTR polymorphism may modify the protective effect of ALDH2 gene against alcohol dependence in antisocial personality disorder. (PubMed id 19302089)1, 4, 9 Lee S.Y....Lu R.B. (2009)
    89. A polymorphism of the MAOA gene is associated with emotional brain markers and personality traits on an antisocial index. (PubMed id 19194374)1, 4, 9 Williams L.M....Gordon E. (2009)
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