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protein-coding   GIFtS: 74
GCID: GC01P156053

Lamin A/C

(Previous names: cardiomyopathy, dilated 1A (autosomal dominant), limb girdle...)
(Previous symbols: LMN1, CMD1A, LGMD1B, PRO1, LMNL1)
Microbiology & Infectious Diseases Congress
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(According to 1HGNC, 2Entrez Gene,
3UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, 4UniProtKB/TrEMBL, 5OMIM, 6GeneLoc, 7Ensembl, 8DME, 9miRBase, 10fRNAdb, 12H-InvDB, 13NCBI, 14NONCODE, and/or 15RNAdb)
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Lamin A/C1 2     70 KDa Lamin2
LMN11 2 3 5     CDCD12
CMD1A1 2 5     CDDC2
LGMD1B1 2 5     CMT2B12
LMNL11 2     FPL2
PRO11 2     FPLD22
Lamin A/C-Like 11 2     IDC2
EMD22 5     LDP12
FPLD2 5     LFP2
HGPS2 5     LMNC2
Cardiomyopathy, Dilated 1A (Autosomal Dominant)1     lamin2
Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1B (Autosomal Dominant)1     prelamin-A/C2
Progeria 1 (Hutchinson-Gilford Type)1     Renal Carcinoma Antigen NY-REN-322

External Ids:    HGNC: 66361   Entrez Gene: 40002   Ensembl: ENSG000001607897   OMIM: 1503305   UniProtKB: P025453   

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Previous GC identifers: GC01P153921 GC01P151817 GC01P152830 GC01P153301 GC01P152897 GC01P154318 GC01P127446

(According to Entrez Gene, Tocris Bioscience, Wikipedia's Gene Wiki, PharmGKB,
UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, and/or UniProtKB/TrEMBL)
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Entrez Gene summary for LMNA Gene:
The nuclear lamina consists of a two-dimensional matrix of proteins located next to the inner nuclear membrane.
The lamin family of proteins make up the matrix and are highly conserved in evolution. During mitosis, the lamina
matrix is reversibly disassembled as the lamin proteins are phosphorylated. Lamin proteins are thought to be
involved in nuclear stability, chromatin structure and gene expression. Vertebrate lamins consist of two types, A
and B. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants. Mutations in this gene lead to several
diseases: Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy, familial partial lipodystrophy, limb girdle muscular dystrophy,
dilated cardiomyopathy, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, and Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome. (provided by
RefSeq, Apr 2012)

GeneCards Summary for LMNA Gene: 
LMNA (lamin A/C) is a protein-coding gene. Diseases associated with LMNA include progeria, and dilated cardiomyopathy, and among its related super-pathways are Apoptosis and survival FAS signaling cascades and Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). GO annotations related to this gene include protein binding and structural molecule activity. An important paralog of this gene is LMNB1.

UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot: LMNA_HUMAN, P02545
Function: Lamins are components of the nuclear lamina, a fibrous layer on the nucleoplasmic side of the inner
nuclear membrane, which is thought to provide a framework for the nuclear envelope and may also interact with
chromatin. Lamin A and C are present in equal amounts in the lamina of mammals. Plays an important role in
nuclear assembly, chromatin organization, nuclear membrane and telomere dynamics
Function: Prelamin-A/C can accelerate smooth muscle cell senescence. It acts to disrupt mitosis and induce DNA
damage in vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs), leading to mitotic failure, genomic instability, and premature

Gene Wiki entry for LMNA Gene

(According to GeneLoc and/or HGNC, and/or
Entrez Gene (NCBI build 37),
and/or miRBase,
Genomic Views according to UCSC (hg19) and Ensembl (release 73), Regulatory elements and Epigenetics data according to QIAGEN, SABiosciences, and/or SwitchGear Genomics)
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RefSeq DNA sequence:
NC_000001.10  NC_018912.2  NT_004487.19  
Regulatory elements:
   SABiosciences Regulatory transcription factor binding sites in the LMNA gene promoter:
         STAT1   STAT1beta   STAT1alpha   
         Other transcription factors

SwitchGear Promoter luciferase reporter plasmidLMNA promoter sequence
   Search SABiosciences Chromatin IP Primers for LMNA

QIAGEN PyroMark CpG Assay predesigned Pyrosequencing DNA Methylation assays in human, mouse, rat LMNA

Genomic Location:
Genomic View: UCSC Golden Path with GeneCards custom track

Entrez Gene cytogenetic band: 1q22   Ensembl cytogenetic band:  1q22   HGNC cytogenetic band: 1q22

LMNA Gene in genomic location: bands according to Ensembl, locations according to (and/or Entrez Gene and/or Ensembl if different)
LMNA gene location

GeneLoc information about chromosome 1         GeneLoc Exon Structure

GeneLoc location for GC01P156053:  view genomic region     (about GC identifiers)

156,052,364 bp from pter      End:
156,109,880 bp from pter
57,517 bases      Orientation:
plus strand

(According to UniProtKB, HORDE, neXtProt, Ensembl, and/or Reactome, Modification sites according to PhosphoSitePlus, Specific Peptides from DME, Protein expression images according to data from SPIRE 1MOPED, 2PaxDb, and 3MAXQB RefSeq according to NCBI, PDB rendering according to OCA and/or Proteopedia, Recombinant Proteins from EMD Millipore, R&D Systems, GenScript, Enzo Life Sciences, OriGene, Novus Biologicals, Sino Biological, ProSpec, and/or Cloud-Clone Corp.,
Biochemical Assays by EMD Millipore, R&D Systems, OriGene, GenScript, Cell Signaling Technology, Enzo Life Sciences, and/or Cloud-Clone Corp., Ontologies according to Gene Ontology Consortium 01 Oct 2013 and Entrez Gene, Antibodies by EMD Millipore, R&D Systems, GenScript, Cell Signaling Technology, OriGene, Novus Biologicals, Thermo Fisher Scientific, LSBio, Abcam, and/or Cloud-Clone Corp.)
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UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot: LMNA_HUMAN, P02545 (See protein sequence)
Recommended Name: Prelamin-A/C precursor  
Size: 664 amino acids; 74139 Da
Subunit: Homodimer of lamin A and lamin C. Interacts with lamin-associated polypeptides IA, IB and TMPO-alpha, RB1
and with emerin. Interacts with SREBF1, SREBF2, SUN2 and TMEM43 (By similarity). Proteolytically processed
isoform A interacts with NARF. Interacts with SUN1. Prelamin-A/C interacts with EMD. Interacts with MLIP; may
regulate MLIP localization to the nucleus envelope. Interacts with DMPK; may regulate nuclear envelope stability
Subcellular location: Nucleus. Nucleus envelope. Note=Farnesylation of prelamin-A/C facilitates nuclear envelope
targeting and subsequent cleaveage by ZMPSTE24/FACE1 to remove the farnesyl group produces mature lamin-A/C,
which can then be inserted into the nuclear lamina. EMD is required for proper localization of non-farnesylated
Miscellaneous: There are three types of lamins in human cells: A, B, and C
Miscellaneous: The structural integrity of the lamina is strictly controlled by the cell cycle, as seen by the
disintegration and formation of the nuclear envelope in prophase and telophase, respectively
Sequence caution: Sequence=CAA27173.1; Type=Frameshift; Positions=582;
6/8 PDB 3D structures from and Proteopedia for LMNA (see all 8):
1IFR (3D)        1IVT (3D)        1X8Y (3D)        2XV5 (3D)        3GEF (3D)        3V4Q (3D)    
Secondary accessions: B4DI32 D3DVB0 E7EUI9 P02546 Q5TCJ2 Q5TCJ3 Q969I8 Q96JA2
Alternative splicing: 4 isoforms:  P02545-1   P02545-2   P02545-3   P02545-4   (No experimental confirmation available. Ref.3 (BAG58344) sequence is in conflict in position: 556:G->R)

Explore the universe of human proteins at neXtProt for LMNA: NX_P02545

Explore proteomics data for LMNA at MOPED 

Post-translational modifications:

  • UniProtKB: Increased phosphorylation of the lamins occurs before envelope disintegration and probably plays a role in
    regulating lamin associations
  • UniProtKB: Proteolytic cleavage of the C-terminal of 18 residues of prelamin-A/C results in the production of lamin-A/C. The
    prelamin-A/C maturation pathway includes farnesylation of CAAX motif, ZMPSTE24/FACE1 mediated cleavage of the
    last three amino acids, methylation of the C-terminal cysteine and endoproteolytic removal of the last 15
    C-terminal amino acids. Proteolytic cleavage requires prior farnesylation and methylation, and absence of these
    blocks cleavage
  • UniProtKB: Sumoylation is necessary for the localization to the nuclear envelope
  • UniProtKB: Farnesylation of prelamin-A/C facilitates nuclear envelope targeting
  • View modification sites using PhosphoSitePlus
  • View neXtProt modification sites for NX_P02545

  • LMNA Protein expression data from MOPED1, PaxDb2 and MAXQB3 :    About this image 

    LMNA Protein Expression
    REFSEQ proteins (7 alternative transcripts): 
    NP_001244303.1  NP_001269553.1  NP_001269554.1  NP_001269555.1  NP_005563.1  NP_733821.1  NP_733822.1  

    ENSEMBL proteins: 
     ENSP00000357284   ENSP00000357283   ENSP00000357282   ENSP00000395597   ENSP00000424518  
     ENSP00000357280   ENSP00000426535   ENSP00000421821   ENSP00000424977   ENSP00000292304  
     ENSP00000355292   ENSP00000376164  
    Reactome Protein details: P02545
    Human Recombinant Protein Products for LMNA: 
    Browse Purified and Recombinant Proteins at EMD Millipore
    Browse R&D Systems for human recombinant proteins
    Browse recombinant and purified proteins available from Enzo Life Sciences
    OriGene Purified Proteins for LMNA
    OriGene Protein Over-expression Lysate for LMNA
    OriGene MassSpec for LMNA 
    OriGene Custom Protein Services for LMNA
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    Novus Biologicals LMNA Protein
    Novus Biologicals LMNA Lysates
    Browse Sino Biological Recombinant Proteins
    Browse Sino Biological Cell Lysates 
    ProSpec Recombinant Protein for LMNA
    Cloud-Clone Corp. Proteins for LMNA 

    Gene Ontology (GO): 5/9 cellular component terms (GO ID links to tree view) (see all 9):    About this table

    GO IDQualified GO termEvidencePubMed IDs
    GO:0005634nucleus IDA--
    GO:0005635nuclear envelope TAS3453101
    GO:0005638lamin filament TAS10080180
    GO:0005652nuclear lamina TAS8344919
    GO:0005654nucleoplasm TAS--

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    LMNA Antibody Products: 
    EMD Millipore Mono- and Polyclonal Antibodies for the study of LMNA
    Browse R&D Systems for Antibodies
    Cell Signaling Technology (CST) Antibodies for LMNA  (lamin A/C)
    OriGene Antibodies for LMNA
    OriGene Custom Antibody Services for LMNA
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    Novus Biologicals LMNA Antibodies
    Abcam antibodies for LMNA
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    ThermoFisher Antibody for LMNA
    LSBio Antibodies in human, mouse, rat for LMNA 

    Assay Products for LMNA: 
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    Cloud-Clone Corp. CLIAs for LMNA

    (According to HGNC, IUPHAR, InterPro, ProtoNet, UniProtKB, and/or BLOCKS, Sets of similar genes according to GeneDecks)
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    HGNC Gene Families: 
    IFF5: Intermediate filaments type V, lamins

    4 InterPro protein domains:
     IPR018039 Intermediate_filament_CS
     IPR001664 IF
     IPR016044 F
     IPR001322 Lamin_tail_dom

    Graphical View of Domain Structure for InterPro Entry P02545

    ProtoNet protein and cluster: P02545

    2 Blocks protein domains:
    IPB001322 Intermediate filament
    IPB001664 Intermediate filament protein

    UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot: LMNA_HUMAN, P02545
    Similarity: Belongs to the intermediate filament family

    LMNA for domains           About GeneDecksing

    (According to 1UniProtKB, Genatlas, LifeMap Discovery™, IUBMB, and/or 2DME, Human phenotypes from GenomeRNAi, Animal models from MGI Mar 06 2013, inGenious Targeting Laboratory, genOway,
    bound targets from SABiosciences, miRNA Gene Targets from miRTarBase, shRNA from OriGene, RNAi from EMD Millipore, siRNAs from OriGene, QIAGEN, microRNA from QIAGEN, Gene Editing from DNA2.0, Sirion Biotech, Clones from EMD Millipore, OriGene, SwitchGear Genomics, GenScript, Sino Biological, DNA2.0, Vector BioLabs, and Sirion Biotech, Cell Lines from GenScript, LifeMap BioReagents, In Situ Hybridization Assays from Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Ontologies according to Gene Ontology Consortium 01 Oct 2013 via Entrez Gene.)
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    Molecular Function:

         UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot Summary: LMNA_HUMAN, P02545
    Function: Lamins are components of the nuclear lamina, a fibrous layer on the nucleoplasmic side of the inner
    nuclear membrane, which is thought to provide a framework for the nuclear envelope and may also interact with
    chromatin. Lamin A and C are present in equal amounts in the lamina of mammals. Plays an important role in
    nuclear assembly, chromatin organization, nuclear membrane and telomere dynamics
    Function: Prelamin-A/C can accelerate smooth muscle cell senescence. It acts to disrupt mitosis and induce DNA
    damage in vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs), leading to mitotic failure, genomic instability, and premature

         Genatlas biochemistry entry for LMNA:
    lamin,types A and C,common gene,alternatively spliced isoforms

         Gene Ontology (GO): 2 molecular function terms (GO ID links to tree view):    About this table

    GO IDQualified GO termEvidencePubMed IDs
    GO:0005198structural molecule activity TAS3453101
    GO:0005515protein binding IPI10381623
    LMNA for ontologies           About GeneDecksing

         3 GenomeRNAi human phenotypes for LMNA:
     Increased S DNA content  Increased gamma-H2AX phosphory  Upregulation of Wnt/beta-caten 

         15/25 MGI mutant phenotypes (inferred from 16 alleles(MGI details for Lmna) (see all 25):
     adipose tissue  behavior/neurological  cardiovascular system  cellular  craniofacial 
     digestive/alimentary  endocrine/exocrine gland  growth/size  hearing/vestibular/ear  hematopoietic system 
     homeostasis/metabolism  immune system  integument  limbs/digits/tail  liver/biliary system 

    LMNA for phenotypes           About GeneDecksing

    Animal Models:
         MGI mouse knock-outs for LMNA: Lmnatm6Lgf Lmnatm1Stw Lmnatm4Lgf Lmnatm5Lgf Lmnatm1Lgf Lmnatm2Lgf

       inGenious Targeting Laboratory - Custom generated mouse model solutions for LMNA 
       inGenious Targeting Laboratory - Custom generated inducible mouse model solutions for LMNA

       genOway customized KO model: permanent, tissue-specific or time-controlled inactivation for LMNA 
       genOway customized Knockin model: humanization, point mutation, expression monitoring, etc. for LMNA 

    QIAGEN Custom miScript Target Protector blocks miRNA-binding site of human, mouse, rat LMNA
    8/15 QIAGEN miScript miRNA Assays for microRNAs that regulate LMNA (see all 15):
    hsa-miR-3163 hsa-miR-548d-3p hsa-miR-222* hsa-miR-767-5p hsa-miR-16-1* hsa-miR-548aa hsa-miR-221* hsa-miR-942
    SwitchGear 3'UTR luciferase reporter plasmidLMNA 3' UTR sequence
    Inhib. RNA
    Browse for Gene Knock-down Tools from EMD Millipore
    OriGene RNAi products in human, mouse, rat for LMNA
    QIAGEN FlexiTube/FlexiPlate siRNA for gene silencing in human, mouse, rat LMNA

    Gene Editing
    DNA2.0 Custom Protein Engineering Service for LMNA
    Sirion Biotech Validated adenovirus to knockdown LMNA in human, mouse 
                         Customized adenovirus for overexpression of LMNA

    Browse Clones for the Expression of Recombinant Proteins Available from EMD Millipore
    OriGene clones in human, mouse for LMNA (see all 17)
    OriGene ORF clones in mouse, rat for LMNA
    OriGene custom cloning services - gene synthesis, subcloning, mutagenesis, variant library, vector shuttling
    GenScript: all cDNA clones in your preferred vector (see all 3): LMNA (NM_170707)
    Sino Biological Human cDNA Clone for LMNA
    DNA2.0 Custom Codon Optimized Gene Synthesis Service for LMNA
    Vector BioLabs ready-to-use adenovirus/AAV for human, mouse, rat LMNA
    Sirion Biotech Customized lentivirus for stable overexpression of LMNA 
                         Customized lentivirus expression plasmids for stable overexpression of LMNA 

    Cell Line
    GenScript Custom overexpressing Cell Line Services for LMNA
    Search LifeMap BioReagents cell lines for LMNA
    In Situ Assay

    Advanced Cell Diagnostics RNAscope RNA in situ hybridization assays for LMNA

    (Pathways according to EMD Millipore, R&D Systems, Cell Signaling Technology, KEGG, PharmGKB, BioSystems, Sino Biological, Reactome, Tocris Bioscience, GeneGo (Thomson Reuters), QIAGEN, and/or UniProtKB, Sets of similar genes according to GeneDecks, Interaction Networks according to SABiosciences, and/or STRING, Interactions according to 1UniProtKB, 2MINT, 3I2D, and/or 4STRING, with links to IntAct and Ensembl, Ontologies according to Gene Ontology Consortium 01 Oct 2013 via Entrez Gene).
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    SuperPaths for LMNA About   (see all 20)                                                                                              See pathways by source

    SuperPathContained pathways About
    1Apoptosis and survival Caspase cascade
    Apoptosis and survival FAS signaling cascades0.44
    FAS pathway and Stress induction of HSP regulation0.44
    Apoptosis and survival Caspase cascade0.44
    Caspase cascade in apoptosis0.42
    2Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM)
    Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM)0.75
    Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC)0.54
    Dilated cardiomyopathy0.75
    Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy0.53
    3M Phase
    Mitotic Anaphase0.94
    M Phase0.88
    Mitotic Metaphase and Anaphase0.94
    Mitotic M-M/G1 phases0.88
    4Activation of Chaperone Genes by XBP1(S)
    Activation of Chaperones by IRE1alpha0.94
    Unfolded Protein Response0.76
    Activation of Chaperone Genes by XBP1(S)0.94
    5Initiation of Nuclear Envelope Reformation
    Initiation of Nuclear Envelope Reformation0.69
    Nuclear Envelope Reassembly0.69
    Clearance of Nuclear Envelope Membranes from Chromatin0.69

    Pathways by source                                                                                                                                                                 See SuperPaths
    Show all pathways

    2 EMD Millipore Pathways for LMNA
        Apoptosis and survival Caspase cascade
    Apoptosis and survival FAS signaling cascades

    3 Downloadable PowerPoint Slides of QIAGEN Pathway Central Maps for LMNA
        Caspase Cascade
    Granzyme Pathway
    Fas Signaling

    3 Cell Signaling Technology (CST) Pathways for LMNA
        Apoptosis and Autophagy
    Cell Cycle / Checkpoint Control
    Cytoskeletal Signaling

    2 GeneGo (Thomson Reuters) Pathways for LMNA
        Apoptosis and survival Caspase cascade
    Apoptosis and survival FAS signaling cascades

    4 BioSystems Pathways for LMNA
    FAS pathway and Stress induction of HSP regulation
    Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy
    Caspase cascade in apoptosis

    5/22        Reactome Pathways for LMNA (see all 22)
        Initiation of Nuclear Envelope Reformation
    Clearance of Nuclear Envelope Membranes from Chromatin
    Cell Cycle
    M Phase

    1 PharmGKB Pathway for LMNA
        Antiarrhythmic Pathway, Pharmacodynamics

    3         Kegg Pathways  (Kegg details for LMNA):
        Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM)
    Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC)
    Dilated cardiomyopathy

    LMNA for pathways           About GeneDecksing


        SABiosciences Gene Network CentralTM Interacting Genes and Proteins Network for LMNA

    STRING Interaction Network Preview (showing 5 interactants - click image to see 25)

    5/964 Interacting proteins for LMNA (P025451, 2, 3 ENSP000003572834) via UniProtKB, MINT, STRING, and/or I2D (see all 964)
    InteractantInteraction Details
    GeneCardExternal ID(s)
    HIST2H3AQ71DI32, 3, ENSP000003854794MINT-7893990 MINT-7893924 MINT-7894005 MINT-7894023 MINT-7893941 MINT-7894038 I2D: score=1 STRING: ENSP00000385479
    DDX39BQ138382, 3MINT-7945693 MINT-7947479 I2D: score=1 
    ENSG00000215425Q138382, 3MINT-7945693 MINT-7947479 I2D: score=1 
    ENSG00000225073Q138382, 3MINT-7945693 MINT-7947479 I2D: score=1 
    ENSG00000225859Q138382, 3MINT-7945693 MINT-7947479 I2D: score=1 
    About this table

    Gene Ontology (GO): 5/19 biological process terms (GO ID links to tree view) (see all 19):    About this table

    GO IDQualified GO termEvidencePubMed IDs
    GO:0000278mitotic cell cycle TAS--
    GO:0006915apoptotic process TAS--
    GO:0006921cellular component disassembly involved in execution phase of apoptosis TAS--
    GO:0006987activation of signaling protein activity involved in unfolded protein response TAS--
    GO:0006997nucleus organization ----

    LMNA for ontologies           About GeneDecksing

    (Chemical Compounds according to UniProtKB, Enzo Life Sciences, EMD Millipore, Tocris Bioscience HMDB, BitterDB, and/or Novoseek, Ligands according to IUPHAR, and Drugs according to DrugBank, Enzo Life Sciences, and/or PharmGKB, with drugs/clinical trials/news search links to CenterWatch)
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    LMNA for compounds           About GeneDecksing

    Browse Small Molecules at EMD Millipore
    Browse drugs & compounds from Enzo Life Sciences

    Browse Tocris compounds for LMNA

    10/18 Novoseek inferred chemical compound relationships for LMNA gene (see all 18)    About this table
    Compound   -log (P-Val)   Hits   PubMed IDs for Articles with Shared Sentences (# sentences)
    nelfinavir 23.7 2 14600514 (1), 18344876 (1)
    rosiglitazone 18 2 14510863 (2)
    indinavir 17.1 4 14600514 (1), 16184025 (1), 12844477 (1)
    zinc 14.2 12 16278265 (1), 19494770 (1), 19323649 (1), 15998779 (1) (see all 7)
    retinoic acid 12.4 18 15219855 (3), 10694499 (3), 12844477 (2), 11478838 (1) (see all 8)
    deoxyribonucleic acid 6.22 1 12015247 (1)
    calcium 0.975 2 1467310 (1), 19144047 (1)
    cholesterol 0 4 11136544 (1), 12524233 (1), 17994215 (1), 15205219 (1)
    atp 0 6 1965140 (2), 15892163 (1), 2004657 (1)
    lipid 0 3 20130076 (2), 16181372 (1)

    Search CenterWatch for drugs/clinical trials and news about LMNA

    (Secondary structures according to fRNAdb,
    GenBank/EMBL/DDBJ Accessions according to
    Unigene (Build 236 Homo sapiens; Apr 25 2013) or GenBank,
    RefSeq according to Entrez Gene,
    DOTS (version 10), and/or AceView, transcript ids from Ensembl with links to UCSC,
    Conferences by KenesGroup, exon structure from GeneLoc, alternative splicing isoforms according to ASD and/or ECgene,
    RNAi Products from EMD Millipore,
    siRNAs from OriGene, QIAGEN, shRNA from OriGene, microRNA from QIAGEN,
    Tagged/untagged cDNA clones from OriGene, SwitchGear Genomics, GenScript, DNA2.0, Vector BioLabs, Sirion Biotech, Primers from OriGene, SABiosciences, and/or QIAGEN )
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    REFSEQ mRNAs for LMNA gene (7 alternative transcripts): 
    NM_001257374.2  NM_001282624.1  NM_001282625.1  NM_001282626.1  NM_005572.3  NM_170707.3  NM_170708.3  

    Unigene Cluster for LMNA:

    Lamin A/C
    Hs.594444  [show with all ESTs]
    Unigene Representative Sequence: NM_170707
    18/26 Ensembl transcripts including schematic representations, and UCSC links where relevant (see all 26):
    ENST00000502751 ENST00000368301(uc001fnf.1) ENST00000495341 ENST00000470835
    ENST00000515711 ENST00000368300(uc001fng.2 uc001fni.2 uc009wro.1 uc001fnk.2)
    ENST00000478063 ENST00000470199 ENST00000469565 ENST00000368299 ENST00000502357
    ENST00000448611(uc010pgz.1) ENST00000515459 ENST00000368297 ENST00000504687
    ENST00000473598 ENST00000515824 ENST00000496738(uc001fnj.2 uc010pha.1)

    Congresses - knowledge worth sharing:  
    European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) 10 - 13 May 2014

    QIAGEN Custom miScript Target Protector blocks miRNA-binding site of human, mouse, rat LMNA
    8/15 QIAGEN miScript miRNA Assays for microRNAs that regulate LMNA (see all 15):
    hsa-miR-3163 hsa-miR-548d-3p hsa-miR-222* hsa-miR-767-5p hsa-miR-16-1* hsa-miR-548aa hsa-miR-221* hsa-miR-942
    SwitchGear 3'UTR luciferase reporter plasmidLMNA 3' UTR sequence
    Inhib. RNA
    Browse for Gene Knock-down Tools from EMD Millipore
    OriGene RNAi products in human, mouse, rat for LMNA
    QIAGEN FlexiTube/FlexiPlate siRNA for gene silencing in human, mouse, rat LMNA
    OriGene clones in human, mouse for LMNA (see all 17)
    OriGene ORF clones in mouse, rat for LMNA
    OriGene custom cloning services - gene synthesis, subcloning, mutagenesis, variant library, vector shuttling
    GenScript: all cDNA clones in your preferred vector (see all 3): LMNA (NM_170707)
    DNA2.0 Custom Codon Optimized Gene Synthesis Service for LMNA
    Vector BioLabs ready-to-use adenovirus/AAV for human, mouse, rat LMNA
    Sirion Biotech Customized lentivirus for stable overexpression of LMNA 
                         Customized lentivirus expression plasmids for stable overexpression of LMNA 
    OriGene qPCR primer pairs and template standards for LMNA
    OriGene qSTAR qPCR primer pairs in human, mouse for LMNA
    SABiosciences RT2 qPCR Primer Assay in human, mouse, rat LMNA
      QIAGEN QuantiTect SYBR Green Assays in human, mouse, rat LMNA
      QIAGEN QuantiFast Probe-based Assays in human, mouse, rat LMNA

    Additional mRNA sequence: 

    AF381029.1 AK026584.1 AK056143.1 AK056191.1 AK057997.1 AK097801.1 AK098128.1 AK122732.1 
    AK130179.1 AK294217.1 AK295390.1 AK309539.1 AY357727.1 AY528714.1 AY847595.1 AY847596.1 
    AY847597.1 BC000511.2 BC003162.1 BC014507.1 BC018863.2 BC033088.1 M13451.1 M13452.1 
    NR_047544.1 NR_047545.1 X03444.1 X03445.1 

    24/79 DOTS entries (see all 79):

    DT.100891747  DT.91871177  DT.92469899  DT.95246279  DT.100891714  DT.95294580  DT.100891710  DT.121347135 
    DT.92469913  DT.100891740  DT.100891733  DT.92057489  DT.101986435  DT.121347131  DT.121347084  DT.100891726 
    DT.99987681  DT.95322263  DT.100039687  DT.121347143  DT.121347120  DT.100891698  DT.100891751  DT.320389 

    24/1597 AceView cDNA sequences (see all 1597):

    BQ899088 CR626536 BE383355 CD367718 CA423881 BM560647 BQ934954 H13874 
    BG059624 AK056191 CA405830 AI654262 BQ219808 BU838224 BQ933470 BQ929963 
    BG749019 CB123672 BQ949807 T75500 BE741126 BQ777189 CA454200 BQ958754 

    GeneLoc Exon Structure

    4 Alternative Splicing Database (ASD) splice patterns (SP) for LMNA    About this scheme

    ExUns: 1a · 1b ^ 2 ^ 3 ^ 4a · 4b ^ 5 ^ 6a · 6b ^ 7 ^ 8 ^ 9 ^ 10a · 10b ^ 11a · 11b ^ 12a · 12b · 12c
    SP1:                                            -                                   -                                 
    SP2:                                            -                                   -           -                     
    SP3:                                            -                                                                     

    ECgene alternative splicing isoforms for LMNA

    (RNA expression data according to H-InvDB, NONCODE, miRBase, and RNAdb, Expression images according to data from BioGPS, Illumina Human BodyMap, and CGAP SAGE, Sets of similar genes according to GeneDecks, in vivo and in vitro expression data from LifeMap Discovery™, plus additional links to Genevestigator, and/or SOURCE, and/or BioGPS, and/or UniProtKB,
    PCR Arrays from SABiosciences, Primers from OriGene, SABiosciences, and/or QIAGEN, In Situ Hybridization Assays from Advanced Cell Diagnostics)
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    LMNA expression in normal human tissues (normalized intensities)      LMNA embryonic expression: see
    See probesets specificity/sensitivity at GeneAnnot
    About this imageBioGPS <intensity>2/3
    LMNA Expression
    About this image

    LMNA expression in embryonic tissues and stem cells    About this table
    Data from LifeMap, the Embryonic Development and Stem Cells Database 
     5/38 selected tissues (see all 38) fully expand
             vagina ; squamous epithelial cells   
             uterus, post-menopause ; glandular cells   
     Blood (Hematopoietic System)    fully expand to see all 4 entries
             Hematopoietic Stem Cells Hematopoietic Bone Marrow
             lung ; macrophages   
             cd14+ cells   
     Ovary (Reproductive System)    fully expand to see all 4 entries
             Primary Oocyte Primary Follicle
             Secondary follicles
             ovary ; follicle cells   
     Testis (Reproductive System)    fully expand to see all 4 entries
             Leydig Cells Testis Interstitium
             seminal vesicle ; glandular cells   

    See LMNA Protein Expression from SPIRE MOPED and PaxDB
    Genevestigator expression for LMNA

    SOURCE GeneReport for Unigene cluster: Hs.594444

    UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot: LMNA_HUMAN, P02545
    Tissue specificity: In the arteries, prelamin-A/C accumulation is not observed in young healthy vessels but is
    prevalent in medial vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs) from aged individuals and in atherosclerotic lesions,
    where it often colocalizes with senescent and degenerate VSMCs. Prelamin-A/C expression increases with age and
    disease. In normal aging, the accumulation of prelamin-A/C is caused in part by the down-regulation of
    ZMPSTE24/FACE1 in response to oxidative stress

        SABiosciences Expression via Pathway-Focused PCR Arrays including LMNA: 
              TNF Ligands & Receptors in human mouse rat
              Skeletal Muscle: Myogenesis & Myopathy in human mouse rat
              Molecular Toxicology PathwayFinder 384HT in human mouse rat
              Adipogenesis in human mouse rat

    OriGene qPCR primer pairs and template standards for LMNA
    OriGene qSTAR qPCR primer pairs in human, mouse for LMNA
    SABiosciences RT2 qPCR Primer Assay in human, mouse, rat LMNA
    QIAGEN QuantiTect SYBR Green Assays in human, mouse, rat LMNA
    QIAGEN QuantiFast Probe-based Assays in human, mouse, rat LMNA
    In Situ
    Assay Products:

    Advanced Cell Diagnostics RNAscope RNA in situ hybridization assays for LMNA

    (Orthologs according to 1,2HomoloGene (2older version, for species not in 1newer version), 3euGenes, 4SGD , 5MGI Mar 06 2013, with possible further links to Flybase and/or WormBase, and/or 6Ensembl pan taxonomic compara , Gene Trees according to Ensembl and TreeFam)
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    This gene was present in the common ancestor of animals.

    Orthologs for LMNA gene from 7/15 species (see all 15)    About this table
    Organism Taxonomic
    Gene Description Human
    (Mus musculus)
    Mammalia Lmna1 , 5 lamin A1, 5 90.3(n)1
      3 (38.84 cM)5
    169051  NM_001002011.21  NP_001002011.21 
    (Gallus gallus)
    Aves LMNA6
    lamin A/C
    1 ↔ 1
    (Anolis carolinensis)
    Reptilia --
    (see all 3)
    Uncharacterized protein
    (see all 3)
    (see all 3)
    1 ↔ many
    1 ↔ many
    (see all 3)
    African clawed frog
    (Xenopus laevis)
    Amphibia lmna-A2 lamin A/C 76.67(n)    X06345.1 
    (Danio rerio)
    Actinopterygii lmna2 lamin A 76.11(n)   195815  AF397016.1 
    fruit fly
    (Drosophila melanogaster)
    Insecta LamC3 nuclear envelope reassembly 37(a)
    (best of 2)
      51B1   --
    (Caenorhabditis elegans)
    Secernentea lmn-13 Intermediate filament proteins (2
    (best of 5)
      I(8771116-8773244)   --

    ENSEMBL Gene Tree for LMNA (if available)
    TreeFam Gene Tree for LMNA (if available)

    (Paralogs according to 1HomoloGene,
    2Ensembl, and 3SIMAP, Pseudogenes according to Build 68)
    About This Section
    Paralogs for LMNA gene
    LMNB12  VIM2  INA2  PRPH2  NEFM2  DES2  LMNB22  NEFH2  
    5 SIMAP similar genes for LMNA using alignment to 9 protein entries:     LMNA_HUMAN (see all proteins):
    LMNB1    LMNB2    VIM    KRT5    keratin

    LMNA for paralogs           About GeneDecksing

    (SNPs/Variants according to the 1NCBI SNP Database, 2Ensembl, 3PupaSUITE, 4UniProtKB, and DNA2.0, Linkage Disequilibrium by HapMap, Structural Variations(CNVs/InDels/Inversions) from the Database of Genomic Variants, Mutations from the Human Gene Mutation Database (HGMD) and the Locus Specific Mutation Databases (LSDB), Blood group antigen gene mutations by BGMUT, Resequencing Primers from QIAGEN, Cancer Mutation PCR Arrays and Assays and Copy Number PCR Arrays from SABiosciences)
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    10/1420 SNPs in LMNA are shown (see all 1420)    About this table     
    Genomic DataTranscription Related DataAllele Frequencies
    SNP IDValidClinical
    Chr 1 posSequence#AA
    Lipodystrophy, familial partial, 2 (FPLD2)4--see VAR_0099892 G D mis40--------
    Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy 2, autosomal dominant (EDMD2)4--see VAR_0397882 R S mis40--------
    Lipodystrophy, familial partial, 2 (FPLD2)4--see VAR_0397782 R C mis40--------
    Muscular dystrophy congenital LMNA-related (MDCL)4--see VAR_0635912 L S mis40--------
    Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy 2, autosomal dominant (EDMD2)4--see VAR_0099802 R Q mis40--------
    Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy 2, autosomal dominant (EDMD2)4--see VAR_0397912 R H mis40--------
    Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy 2, autosomal dominant (EDMD2)4--see VAR_0397872 R H mis40--------
    Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy 1B (LGMD1B)4--see VAR_0162052 R H mis40--------
    Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy 2, autosomal dominant (EDMD2)4--see VAR_0649702 E K mis40--------
    Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy 2, autosomal dominant (EDMD2)4--see VAR_0397632 R Q mis40--------

    HapMap Linkage Disequilibrium report for LMNA (156052364 - 156109880 bp)

    Structural Variations
         Database of Genomic Variants (DGV) 1 variation for LMNA:    About this table     
    Variant IDTypeSubtypePubMed ID
    nsv509513CNV Insertion20534489

    Human Gene Mutation Database (HGMD): LMNA

    Locus Specific Mutation Databases (LSDB): LMNA
    SABiosciences Cancer Mutation PCR Assays
    SeqTarget long-range PCR primers for resequencing LMNA
    DNA2.0 Custom Variant and Variant Library Synthesis for LMNA

    (in which this Gene is Involved, According to MalaCards, OMIM, UniProtKB, the University of Copenhagen DISEASES database, Conferences by KenesGroup, Novoseek, Genatlas, GeneTests, GAD, HuGE Navigator, and/or TGDB.)
    About This Section
    OMIM gene information: 150330   
    OMIM disorders: 181350  115200  151660  605588  159001  248370  176670  275210  610140  
    UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot: LMNA_HUMAN, P02545
  • Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy 2, autosomal dominant (EDMD2) [MIM:181350]: A form of Emery-Dreifuss
    muscular dystrophy, a degenerative myopathy characterized by weakness and atrophy of muscle without involvement
    of the nervous system, early contractures of the elbows, Achilles tendons and spine, and cardiomyopathy
    associated with cardiac conduction defects. Note=The disease is caused by mutations affecting the gene
    represented in this entry
  • Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy 3, autosomal recessive (EDMD3) [MIM:181350]: A form of Emery-Dreifuss
    muscular dystrophy, a degenerative myopathy characterized by weakness and atrophy of muscle without involvement
    of the nervous system, early contractures of the elbows, Achilles tendons and spine, and cardiomyopathy
    associated with cardiac conduction defects. Note=The disease is caused by mutations affecting the gene
    represented in this entry
  • Cardiomyopathy, dilated 1A (CMD1A) [MIM:115200]: A disorder characterized by ventricular dilation and
    impaired systolic function, resulting in congestive heart failure and arrhythmia. Patients are at risk of
    premature death. Note=The disease is caused by mutations affecting the gene represented in this entry
  • Lipodystrophy, familial partial, 2 (FPLD2) [MIM:151660]: A disorder characterized by the loss of
    subcutaneous adipose tissue in the lower parts of the body (limbs, buttocks, trunk). It is accompanied by an
    accumulation of adipose tissue in the face and neck causing a double chin, fat neck, or cushingoid appearance.
    Adipose tissue may also accumulate in the axillae, back, labia majora, and intraabdominal region. Affected
    patients are insulin-resistant and may develop glucose intolerance and diabetes mellitus after age 20 years,
    hypertriglyceridemia, and low levels of high density lipoprotein cholesterol. Note=The disease is caused by
    mutations affecting the gene represented in this entry
  • Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy 1B (LGMD1B) [MIM:159001]: An autosomal dominant degenerative myopathy with
    age-related atrioventricular cardiac conduction disturbances, dilated cardiomyopathy, and the absence of early
    contractures. Characterized by slowly progressive skeletal muscle weakness of the hip and shoulder girdles.
    Muscle biopsy shows mild dystrophic changes. Note=The disease is caused by mutations affecting the gene
    represented in this entry
  • Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease 2B1 (CMT2B1) [MIM:605588]: A recessive axonal form of Charcot-Marie-Tooth
    disease, a disorder of the peripheral nervous system, characterized by progressive weakness and atrophy,
    initially of the peroneal muscles and later of the distal muscles of the arms. Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease is
    classified in two main groups on the basis of electrophysiologic properties and histopathology: primary
    peripheral demyelinating neuropathies (designated CMT1 when they are dominantly inherited) and primary peripheral
    axonal neuropathies (CMT2). Neuropathies of the CMT2 group are characterized by signs of axonal regeneration in
    the absence of obvious myelin alterations, normal or slightly reduced nerve conduction velocities, and
    progressive distal muscle weakness and atrophy. Nerve conduction velocities are normal or slightly reduced.
    Note=The disease is caused by mutations affecting the gene represented in this entry
  • Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome (HGPS) [MIM:176670]: Rare genetic disorder characterized by features
    reminiscent of marked premature aging. Note=The disease is caused by mutations affecting the gene represented in
    this entry. HGPS is caused by the toxic accumulation of a mutant form of lamin-A/C. This mutant protein, called
    progerin, acts to deregulate mitosis and DNA damage signaling, leading to premature cell death and senescence.
    Progerin lacks the conserved ZMPSTE24/FACE1 cleavage site and therefore remains permanently farnesylated. Thus,
    although it can enter the nucleus and associate with the nuclear envelope, it cannot incorporate normally into
    the nuclear lamina
  • Cardiomyopathy, dilated, with hypergonadotropic hypogonadism (CMDHH) [MIM:212112]: A disorder
    characterized by the association of genital anomalies, hypergonadotropic hypogonadism and dilated cardiomyopathy.
    Patients can present other variable clinical manifestations including mental retardation, skeletal anomalies,
    scleroderma-like skin, graying and thinning of hair, osteoporosis. Dilated cardiomyopathy is characterized by
    ventricular dilation and impaired systolic function, resulting in congestive heart failure and arrhythmia.
    Note=The disease is caused by mutations affecting the gene represented in this entry
  • Mandibuloacral dysplasia with type A lipodystrophy (MADA) [MIM:248370]: A disorder characterized by
    mandibular and clavicular hypoplasia, acroosteolysis, delayed closure of the cranial suture, progeroid
    appearance, partial alopecia, soft tissue calcinosis, joint contractures, and partial lipodystrophy with loss of
    subcutaneous fat from the extremities. Adipose tissue in the face, neck and trunk is normal or increased.
    Note=The disease is caused by mutations affecting the gene represented in this entry
  • Lethal tight skin contracture syndrome (LTSCS) [MIM:275210]: Rare disorder mainly characterized by
    intrauterine growth retardation, tight and rigid skin with erosions, prominent superficial vasculature and
    epidermal hyperkeratosis, facial features (small mouth, small pinched nose and micrognathia), sparse/absent
    eyelashes and eyebrows, mineralization defects of the skull, thin dysplastic clavicles, pulmonary hypoplasia,
    multiple joint contractures and an early neonatal lethal course. Liveborn children usually die within the first
    week of life. The overall prevalence of consanguineous cases suggested an autosomal recessive inheritance.
    Note=The disease is caused by mutations affecting the gene represented in this entry
  • Heart-hand syndrome Slovenian type (HHS-Slovenian) [MIM:610140]: Heart-hand syndrome (HHS) is a
    clinically and genetically heterogeneous disorder characterized by the co-occurrence of a congenital cardiac
    disease and limb malformations. Note=The disease is caused by mutations affecting the gene represented in this
  • Muscular dystrophy congenital LMNA-related (MDCL) [MIM:613205]: A form of congenital muscular dystrophy.
    Patients present at birth, or within the first few months of life, with hypotonia, muscle weakness and often with
    joint contractures. Note=The disease is caused by mutations affecting the gene represented in this entry

  • 20/130 diseases for LMNA (see all 130):    About MalaCards
    progeria    dilated cardiomyopathy    emery-dreifuss muscular dystrophy    familial partial lipodystrophy
    atypical werner syndrome    emery-dreifuss muscular dystrophy, ad    heart-hand syndrome, slovenian type    limb-girdle muscular dystrophy, type 1b
    charcot-marie-tooth neuropathy type 2b1    emery-dreifuss muscular dystrophy, ar    lmna-related emery-dreifuss muscular dystrophy, autosomal    progeroid laminopathies
    lmna-related dilated cardiomyopathy    familial partial lipodystrophy, kobberling type    autosomal codominant severe lipodystrophic laminopathy    laminopathy type decaudain-vigouroux
    lipodystrophy, familial partial, type 2    progeria-associated arthropathy    dilated cardiomyopathy with quadriceps myopathy    lmna-related muscle diseases

    9 diseases from the University of Copenhagen DISEASES database for LMNA:
    Progeria     Lipodystrophy     Dilated cardiomyopathy     Myopathy
    Neuropathy     Congenital heart block     Werner syndrome     Acanthosis nigricans
    Genetic disorder

    LMNA for disorders           About GeneDecksing

    10/73 Novoseek inferred disease relationships for LMNA gene (see all 73)    About this table

    Disease   -log (P-Val)   Hits   PubMed IDs for Articles with Shared Sentences (# sentences)
    lipodystrophy, familial partial 97.8 88 12015247 (3), 11397881 (2), 18364375 (2), 19622949 (2) (see all 63)
    progeria 97 77 15479179 (2), 17076270 (2), 16671095 (2), 17469202 (2) (see all 59)
    muscular dystrophy emery-dreifuss 96.5 48 19589462 (2), 16697197 (2), 12685553 (1), 20225280 (1) (see all 41)
    emery-dreifuss muscular dystrophy, autosomal dominant 96.4 21 11532159 (1), 10587585 (1), 11102973 (1), 15639119 (1) (see all 19)
    lgmd1b 95.4 28 10814726 (4), 15678000 (3), 19070492 (2), 15668447 (1) (see all 15)
    mandibuloacral dysplasia 95.3 25 16278265 (2), 16046620 (1), 16364671 (1), 15843404 (1) (see all 16)
    partial lipodystrophy 93.2 32 15817509 (1), 11102973 (1), 12524233 (1), 15773753 (1) (see all 26)
    lipodystrophy 90 59 18077842 (3), 11078466 (2), 12788894 (2), 12844477 (2) (see all 37)
    acroosteolysis 86.4 4 16278265 (1), 17848409 (1), 18554282 (1)
    lipodystrophy, congenital generalized 85.4 4 19169477 (1), 19494770 (1), 14516935 (1)

    GeneTests: LMNA
    GeneReviews: LMNA
    Genetic Association Database (GAD): LMNA
    Human Genome Epidemiology (HuGE) Navigator: LMNA (37 documents)

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    PubMed articles for LMNA gene, integrated from 9 sources (see all 799) (see top 10):
    (articles sorted by number of sources associating them with LMNA)
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    world of online information

    1. Expanding the phenotype of LMNA mutations in dilated cardiomyopathy and functional consequences of these mutations. (PubMed id 12920062)1, 2, 4, 9 Sebillon P.... Komajda M. (2003)
    2. Familial dilated cardiomyopathy and isolated left ventricular noncompaction associated with lamin A/C gene mutations. (PubMed id 15219508)1, 2, 4, 9 Hermida-Prieto M....Crespo-Leiro M. (2004)
    3. LMNA is mutated in Hutchinson-Gilford progeria (MIM 176670) but not in Wiedemann-Rautenstrauch progeroid syndrome (MIM 264090). (PubMed id 12768443)1, 2, 9 Cao H. and Hegele R.A. (2003)
    4. Common variation in the LMNA gene (encoding lamin A/C) and type 2 diabetes: association analyses in 9,518 subjects. (PubMed id 17327460)1, 4, 9 Owen K.R....McCarthy M.I. (2007)
    5. Lamin A/C mutation analysis in a cohort of 324 unrelated patients with idiopathic or familial dilated cardiomyopathy. (PubMed id 18585512)1, 4, 9 Parks S.B....Hershberger R.E. (2008)
    6. Autosomal dominant dilated cardiomyopathy with atrioventricular block: a lamin A/C defect-related disease. (PubMed id 11897440)1, 2, 9 Arbustini E....Tavazzi L. (2002)
    7. Lamin A/C polymorphisms, type 2 diabetes, and the metabolic syndrome: case-control and quantitative trait studies. (PubMed id 17327461)1, 4, 9 Mesa J.L....Barroso I. (2007)
    8. Variation in the lamin A/C gene: associations with metabolic syndrome. (PubMed id 15205219)1, 4, 9 Steinle N.I....Shuldiner A.R. (2004)
    9. LMNA mutations in atypical Werner's syndrome. (PubMed id 12927431)1, 2, 9 Chen L.... Oshima J. (2003)
    10. Natural history of dilated cardiomyopathy due to lamin A/C gene mutations. (PubMed id 12628721)1, 2, 9 Taylor M.R.G.... Mestroni L. (2003)
    11. Novel and recurrent mutations in lamin A/C in patients with Emery- Dreifuss muscular dystrophy. (PubMed id 11503164)1, 2, 9 Brown C.A.... Spence J.E. (2001)
    12. LMNA, encoding lamin A/C, is mutated in partial lipodystrophy. (PubMed id 10655060)1, 2, 9 Shackleton S.... Trembath R.C. (2000)
    13. Mutations in the LMNA gene do not cause axonal CMT in Czech patients. (PubMed id 19424285)1, 4, 9 LaA!A!uthovA! P....Seeman P. (2009)
    14. Validation of high-resolution DNA melting analysis for mutation scanning of the LMNA gene. (PubMed id 19318026)1, 4, 9 Millat G....Rousson R. (2009)
    15. Evaluating the association of common LMNA variants with type 2 diabetes and quantitative metabolic phenotypes in French Europids. (PubMed id 17994215)1, 4, 9 Duesing K....Gibson F. (2008)
    16. Collagen expression in fibroblasts with a novel LMNA mutation. (PubMed id 17150192)1, 2, 9 Nguyen D....Oshima J. (2007)
    17. Mutations of the LMNA gene can mimic autosomal dominant proximal spinal muscular atrophy. (PubMed id 17136397)1, 2, 9 Rudnik-Schoeneborn S.... Zerres K. (2007)
    18. Homozygous defects in LMNA, encoding lamin A/C nuclear-envelope proteins, cause autosomal recessive axonal neuropathy in human (Charcot-Marie-Tooth disorder type 2) and mouse. (PubMed id 11799477)1, 2, 9 De Sandre-Giovannoli A.... Levy N. (2002)
    19. An LMNA variant is associated with dyslipidemia and insulin resistance in the Japanese. (PubMed id 12145775)1, 4, 9 Murase Y....Mabuchi H. (2002)
    20. Identification of mutations in the gene encoding lamins A/C in autosomal dominant limb girdle muscular dystrophy with atrioventricular conduction disturbances (LGMD1B). (PubMed id 10814726)1, 2, 9 Muchir A.... Schwartz K. (2000)
    21. Comprehensive mutation scanning of LMNA in 268 patients with lone atrial fibrillation. (PubMed id 19427440)1, 4, 9 Brauch K.M....Olson T.M. (2009)
    22. In vivo and in vitro examination of the functional significances of novel lamin gene mutations in heart failure patients. (PubMed id 16061563)1, 2, 9 Sylvius N.... Tesson F. (2005)
    23. Aging syndrome genes and premature coronary artery disease. (PubMed id 16262891)1, 4, 9 Low A.F....MacRae C.A. (2005)
    24. Functional consequences of an LMNA mutation associated with a new cardiac and non-cardiac phenotype. (PubMed id 12673789)1, 2, 9 Charniot J.-C.... Komajda M. (2003)
    25. Subcutaneous abdominal adipocyte size, a predictor of type 2 diabetes, is linked to chromosome 1q21--q23 and is associated with a common polymorphism in LMNA in Pima Indians. (PubMed id 11243729)1, 4, 9 Weyer C....Pratley R.E. (2001)
    26. p.S143F mutation in lamin A/C: a new phenotype combining myopathy and progeria. (PubMed id 15622532)1, 2, 9 Kirschner J....Korinthenberg R. (2005)
    27. Analysis of the lamin A/C gene as a candidate for type II diabetes susceptibility in Pima Indians. (PubMed id 11440372)1, 4, 9 Wolford J.K....Prochazka M. (2001)
    28. Different mutations in the LMNA gene cause autosomal dominant and autosomal recessive Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy. (PubMed id 10739764)1, 2, 9 Raffaele di Barletta M.... Toniolo D. (2000)
    29. De novo LMNA mutations cause a new form of congenital muscular dystrophy. (PubMed id 18551513)1, 2, 9 Quijano-Roy S....Estournet B. (2008)
    30. Increased plasticity of the nuclear envelope and hype rmobility of telomeres due to the loss of A-type lamins. (PubMed id 20079404)1, 2, 9 De Vos W.H....Van Oostveldt P. (2010)
    31. Prelamin A acts to accelerate smooth muscle cell sene scence and is a novel biomarker of human vascular aging. (PubMed id 20458013)1, 2, 9 Ragnauth C.D....Shanahan C.M. (2010)
    32. Polymorphisms of the lamina maturation pathway and th eir association with the metabolic syndrome: the DESIR prospective study. (PubMed id 19841875)1, 4, 9 Fontaine-Bisson B....Morange P.E. (2010)
    33. Emerin-prelamin A interplay in human fibroblasts. (PubMed id 19323649)1, 2, 9 Capanni C....Lattanzi G. (2009)
    34. Ovarian failure and dilated cardiomyopathy due to a novel lamin mutation. (PubMed id 19283854)1, 2, 9 McPherson E....Giampietro P.F. (2009)
    35. Genetic variation in healthy oldest-old. (PubMed id 19680556)1, 4, 9 Halaschek-Wiener J....Brooks-Wilson A.R. (2009)
    36. The role of genetic variation in the Lamin A/C gene in the etiology of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. (PubMed id 19401371)1, 4, 9 Urbanek M....Dunaif A. (2009)
    37. Heart-hand syndrome of Slovenian type: a new kind of laminopathy. (PubMed id 18611980)1, 2, 9 Renou L.... Bonne G. (2008)
    38. Common variation in LMNA increases susceptibility to type 2 diabetes and associates with elevated fasting glycemia and estimates of body fat and height in the general population: studies of 7,495 Danish whites. (PubMed id 17327437)1, 4, 9 Wegner L....Pedersen O. (2007)
    39. A novel homozygous Ala529Val LMNA mutation in Turkish patients with mandibuloacral dysplasia. (PubMed id 15998779)1, 2, 9 Garg A.... Agarwal A.K. (2005)
    40. Meta-analysis of clinical characteristics of 299 carriers of LMNA gene mutations: do lamin A/C mutations portend a high risk of sudden death? (PubMed id 15551023)1, 4, 9 van Berlo J.H....Pinto Y.M. (2005)
    41. Crystal structure of the human lamin A coil 2B dimer: implications for the head-to-tail association of nuclear lamins. (PubMed id 15476822)1, 2, 9 Strelkov S.V.... Herrmann H. (2004)
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    transforming growth factor, beta 1
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