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    The GeneCards database is developed and maintained in the Crown Human Genome Center at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. Founded in 1997, the GeneCards project defined as its goal to integrate the fragments of information scattered over a variety of specialized databases into a coherent picture.

    Academic institutions all over the world currently maintain GeneCards mirror sites.

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    The GeneCards generation process

    During GeneCards generation, information is extracted from source files by the GeneCards generation software, following different methods depending on the source's data format. The GeneCards generation software consists of a package of perl scripts, which extract the information, process it to determine the final set of entries as well as define all the annotations for each entry, and output the processed data into text files, which comprise the GeneCards database.
    The cardsearch search engine for the GeneCards database was written using Glimpse technology to allow full free-text based search over the whole database space.

    Other scripts, which are part of the package, display the GeneCards to the user based on the information stored in their source files, present lists of disease genes, maintain a dictionary of synonyms for rapid display by extramural databases linking to GeneCards, and provide a feedback form.

    Linking to particular GeneCards

    If you are a Web developer and you want to make links to particular GeneCards, just use
    "" (with XXX being the gene symbol).

    To link using an external id, use
    "" (where YYY is a UniProt accesion, EntrezGene id, Ensembl id, or HGNC id). Optionally, a source for the id can be specified by adding "&id_type=" to the url. The possible types are "uniprot", "entrezgene", "ensembl", and "hgnc". To avoid confusion, it is highly recommended to use the id_type parameter, especially for numeric ids.

    Window Policy

    Currently 4 windows open while browsing GeneCards.
    A new window will open for each of these cases: search results, gene card from the list of gene symbols in the microcards list, the about links in the search page (About GeneALaCart etc,.) and when the sources and products links are clicked from within a card.


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