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  • Simple Search

    1. Enter an expression into the search field on the GeneCards homepage and
      choose one of these to search by:

      • Symbol only - Brings up the GeneCard for the specified symbol. This is done by selecting the Symbol only button and typing the requested gene symbol in the search box.
      • Symbol/Alias - Searches the database for a gene name, or its alias. This is done by selecting the Symbol/alias button and typing the requested symbol or alias for the gene in the search box.
      • GCid - the Id given to the gene by GeneCards (determined by the GeneLoc Algorithm).
        A gene can be searched by its GCid by selecting the GCid button and typing the requested Id in the search box.
      • External Id - A gene can also be searched by an External Id (accessions from HGNC, EntrezGene, UniProt, and Ensembl). This is done by selecting the External Id button and typing the requested Id in the search box.
      • Keywords - Searches the database in a full free text search. This is done by selecting the (default) keywords button and typing any kind of text relevant to the search in the search box.

      * In the first four cases a use of a wild card (*) results in retrieval of a list of symbols.
      * A use of space in the search string automatically results in a Keywords Search
        (see Search Examples for more on multiword searches).
      * The GeneCards search is case insensitive.

    2. Check whether you would like to change the default settings of Search Options.

    3. Click the "Go" button to start the search.

    Example of a keyword search: diabetes AND tongue

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    Advanced Search

    Advanced search enables you to browse GeneCards for more specific results. A broader variety of search options is offered in order to focus the search.
    There are two ways to use Advanced search:

    1. Click the Advanced search link next to the search box at the GeneCards homepage - a new page with more search options appears.
      Type the search string in the search field, and ask for the search to be performed within a specified:
  • Perform a simple search, and improve the search after getting the results - above the MicroCard list, there is a scrollable list of all found gene symbols. Delete the ones you are not interested in and choose the button you want to click:

  • Try it! Refine this simple search example

    ** To use GeneALaCart you must be a registered user.
        To register click the GeneALaCart link on the GeneCards homepage.

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    What Do I Get?

    There are 3 types of cards in GeneCards:

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    Search Examples:

    I.   Simple Search:

    Search String: Matching Words: Search Description:
    brca1 brca1, BRCA1 Exact word match (case insensitive).*
    x84746 x84746 GenBank accession number
    Hs.1288 Hs.1288 UniGene cluster
    image:303124 IMAGE:303124 Clone identifier

    * A Keyword Search would result in a list of MicroCards and MiniCards.
      A Symbol Only Search would result in the GeneCard itself right away!

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    II.   Wild Card Search (*):

    This type of search will usually give out a large number of results.

    Search String: Matching Words: Search Description:
    live* live, lives, liver Any object that begins with the string "live"
    *gammaglob* agammaglobulinemia, hypergammaglobulinemia, hypogammaglobulinemia, gammaglobulin therapy Any object that contains the string "gammaglob"

    III.   Multiword Search:

    Search strings of more than one word are searched for as one single phrase, unless "AND" or "OR" are used (see examples below).

    Search String: Matching Words: Search Description:
    obesity diabetes obesity diabetes Regards these words as one single phrase (compare the AND/OR searches below!)
    obesity AND diabetes preponderance of insulin resistance, diabetes mellitus ... genetic predisposition to obesity All strings must exist in the GeneCard
    (unlike the example above, here the words don't have to necessarily follow each other)
    obesity OR diabetes obesity, diabetes At least one of the strings must exist in the GeneCard
    (notice the difference from the AND search!)
    neurodegenerative or senile and Alzheimer ...senile dementia of the Alzheimer type: relation with the cognitive state and with quantitative studies of senile plaques... Corresponds to "(neurodegenerative or senile) and Alzheimer"

    IV.   Advanced Search:

    This type of search is useful for getting a short list of very specific results.

    Search String: Show only: Matching Words: Search Description:
    asthma Gene Type:
    asthma, ASTHMA Exact word match in the relevant gene type only (case insensitive)
    asthma Symbols/ids:
    asthma, ASTHMA Exact word match in the specified genes only (case insensitive)

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